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Pokemon Uranium Review

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I’ve put quite a bit of time into Pokemon Uranium and it’s not bad. It can’t compete with any real Pokemon game in my opinion, but it’s not that bad. 

I’m not going to talk about the situation regarding this game in my review. I already did that here. If you want my thoughts on what I think about this game being pulled down by Nintendo feel free to click that link. If not continue reading my review.

The Great:


This is one pretty Pokemon game. Since it was made on PC it has a instant advantage over your average 3DS Pokemon game. Every city has a unique look, the main protagonist looks great, the Pokemon look great, and so does the moves that the Pokemon perform during battle. I have no complaints whatsoever with the graphics in this game.

The Good:


I could see myself putting this in the great category if it played more like the recent Pokemon games, but it doesn’t. Uranium plays more like the older Pokemon games and there’s nothing wrong with that, but since most of the time I’m staring at static images perform basic moves it eventually got repetitive to me a lot faster then I thought it would.

The game itself is also really buggy. I have the latest update, but that didn’t stop my game from stuttering every time I took a single step. I almost gave up on running because it was like a stutter slideshow. Uranium needs to be optimized and soon because right now it doesn’t play very well.

The Pokemon:

Some the fake Pokemon look really good and have great evolutions. My favorite so far is actually found quite early in the game. Grozard, Tancoon, and Baashaun are all fantastic fake Pokemon. The majority of these fake Pokemon aren’t very good looking and some of them just look downright ridiculous.

I love that Primeape evolves in this game and I think his evolved form is a badass.



Most of the sounds are actually pretty fantastic, but some fake Pokemon that I ran into sounded like real Pokemon from the main games. I found a poison Pokemon that sounded just like a Zubat. Did you run out of sounds and decided to copy other Pokemon?

The soundtrack is really nice, but most of the songs are from classic Pokemon games. The battle music is fantastic and is probably my favorite battle music in any Pokemon game, but the gym music is terrible. It plays a rock version of the classic Pokemon gym songs, but it honestly just sounds like noise to me and I love rock music.

The battle music during gym battles changes as you get the gym leader down to their last Pokemon. I thought that was really neat and I wouldn’t mind if Nintendo stole that and added it in future Pokemon games.

Online Features:


Uranium has just about every feature that you would find in a 3DS Pokemon game. Some of the features, like online battles don’t work at all, but the trading feature works and so does wonder trade. I had fun getting Magikarps from other people that play this game. If online battles ever get sorted out I’ll move this up to the great section.

The Bad:


Every Pokemon game tries to tell a story and so this one. I guess I’m supposed to care about what happened to my character’s parents, but I didn’t. I also didn’t care for about 80% of the dialogue. Most of the dialogue is very amateurish while some of it is good. Talking to some npcs, like our rival’s dad, made me cringe because of how bad the writing was for his character.

I honestly don’t remember most of the crap I read and that’s never a good thing in any game.


Uranium isn’t a hard game, but it does give us a disadvantage by giving us pretty shitty Pokemon at the beginning of the game. We literally have to make do with what we have against trainers that are purposely overleveled. The only way to get my party up to par with the npcs was to literally grind my entire party up for hours fighting Pokemon more then 5 levels beneath them.

Most of the fake Pokemon didn’t learn a good move until they were pushing level 20 so that didn’t help.

Starter Pokemon:

Uranium Town

The starter Pokemon are a huge disappointment in this game. The only cool thing about them is their typing, but they’re actually pretty weak and only one of them actually looked good in my opinion. I don’t like that I wasn’t able to look at all of them to make choice like I could in ever other Pokemon game. Instead I had to go through a basic questionnaire to determine what type of Pokemon I would get to choose at the beginning of the game.

The biggest disappointment is that each starter only evolves once and it’s near level 30. The reason the developers gave is that they wanted the game to be more difficult. They didn’t say it in those exact words, but that’s what they meant. There are plenty of ways to make a Pokemon game more difficult and that’s not it. I got rid of my starter as soon as I found a suitable replacement.

The Verdict:

Pokemon Uranium is a good game. It’s fake Pokemon for the most part are poorly designed and the beginning of this game will test your patience because you won’t have access to any great Pokemon until later in the game. After playing through this game and experiencing everything it had to offer I can’t really recommend this game to hardcore Pokemon fans.

If you want something new to play and have nothing better to do then go ahead and play this game. You’ll have fun training Pokemon and winning badges like you would in any other Pokemon game, but the non stop stuttering, terribly designed fake Pokemon, and bad writing might turn you way.

I had fun with this game, but I doubt I’ll ever go back to it for another run.


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    Mr. Panda
    Aug 16, 2016 7:09 pm

    It’s neat that they did this, and I’m sure there are plenty enjoying it now despite it already being taken down. I’m willing to wait for Sun/Moon though. Good review!

    • Omar Jackson
      Aug 18, 2016 8:44 am


      It’s very neat that dedicated fans made this game and put so much into it, but I think this just proves how much better Nintendo is at making new Pokemon. Not everyone can do it and this game proves that.

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