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Puzzles & Dragons Z + Puzzle Dragons Super Mario Bros Review

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That has to be the longest title I’ve ever had to write for a review. Puzzles & Dragons/Super Mario Bros is two games in one that tells two different stories, but has the exact same gameplay for both titles, but how good is this game? 

Puzzles & Dragons/Super Mario Bros reminds me of the Puzzle Quest games that I used to play a few years ago, but it looks, and plays, a little better than those games.

The Great:


If you like Super Mario Bros than you’ll love it’s portion of the soundtrack. You’ll hear all of the classic Mario songs while you kick the crap out of Bowser’s minions and get new partners on your team. The Puzzle’s & Dragons game, unfortunately, is your generic JRPG soundtrack that isn’t easy on the ears. It’s really loud and gave me headaches at times.


puzzle-dragons-super-marioBoth Puzzles & Dragons, and Super Mario Bros looks fantastic. Both games are rich with detail, and the enemies look really great. The world map is beautifully designed, in the Super Mario side anyway, and everything just looks really good, and polished, but once again the Puzzles & Dragons side of the game brings the quality down to me. The world map on the Puzzles & Dragons side is really generic, and boring to look at.

The Good: 


If you’ve ever played a Puzzle Quest game you’ll get familiar with the gameplay of Puzzles & Dragons pretty quickly. It’s different, but the overall setup is the same. You connect three or more blocks of the same color to perform an attack on your opponent. The more colors you connect the more damage you’ll do.

My biggest combo was about 16 and I did thousands of damage on my opponent and annihilated them. Long periods of gaming can get repetitive though. I get bored after about an hour or two of gameplay depending on the game that I’m playing.

Boss fights are fun, but a little unfair. Bosses often killed me with one or two hits while I was trying to get a good strategy going because of the lack of colors on my bottom screen.

Collecting/Evolving Dragons Is Awesome:

puzzle-and-dragons-super-mario-bros-edition-roster-gameplay-screenshotCollecting different dragons brings a Pokemon feeling to Puzzles & Dragons. Trying to get different kinds of dragons will often have you repeating the same stage over, and over again until you get that one egg you’ve been hunting down. Evolving dragons is also a lot of fun. I had a choice to evolve them into multiple different dragon variations. I ended going back and getting multiple eggs of the same dragon just so I could see what the other evolution branches were. Building a team in Puzzles & Dragons is a lot of fun and kicking the crap out of other Dragon users is a blast if you can get through some of the other shortcomings in the game.

The Bad:


I knew what kind of story to expect from the Super Mario side of this game and honestly it’s fun because it’s what I’m used to in Mario games. Puzzles & Dragons is a different story. Instead of focusing on the gameplay like Mario does this game tries it’s best to bore the crap out of me by making me read through walls of uninteresting conversations between npcs that I could care less about.

It’s just plain average and adds nothing of value to the game. After every map I have to go back to base and report the results to my leader before I can advance to the next area. It got tiring after awhile and I ended up putting off this review for quite awhile because I didn’t feel like playing the dragon side of the game.

It’s Repetitive:

This is a really repetitive game. That’s not really a bad thing, but I can’t play this for more than an hour, two at most, before I’m ready to quit and jump on something else.

The Verdict:

The Super Mario side of this game is great. I had a ton of fun collecting Goomba’s and beating the crap out of Bowser again. The Puzzle & Dragons side really does bring this game down a notch because of how much I loathed sitting through a ton of dialogue while waiting for the chance to get back out into the world to collect some more dragons. The inconsistent difficulty doesn’t help matters either. This game is fun, but I wish it was just the Mario side to be honest. That would have made the experience a lot better.


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    The Otaku Judge
    Sep 06, 2015 10:31 am

    Match 3 games are fun to play in short bursts, but yeah they can get boring if you play them for long periods of time. I haven’t played this title, but I did try Pokemon Shuffle, which sounds similar.

    • Omar Jackson
      Sep 06, 2015 1:13 pm

      I haven’t played Pokemon Shuffle, but you’re right about only being able to play in short bursts.

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