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raider zRaiderz is an action MMO that allows you to craft your character according to how you play the game. Not many MMO’s do this and few of them get them right. The character creator in Raiderz leaves much to be desired but the class system is actually pretty good. You get your basic classes, warrior, healer, etc but you can actually mix and match them to make a unique character. If you want a dps that can shoot fireballs at people then go for it. This gives Raiderz good replayability because I can try out different combinations every time I play the game. The gameplay in Raiderz is great. It’s fast paced, and you have complete control of your character.

I usually avoid playing as the mage in MMO’s because they’re always so generic and boring but in this game they’re a blast to play as. My mage kicks some serious ass and I make even the toughest bosses look like chimps when I blast them with my fireballs. When an enemy strikes or attempts to cast a spell on you, you can roll out of the way and deliver a powerful counter attack. This adds strategy in boss battles and pvp. Pvp is awesome in this game and very addictive. Since you have complete control of your character it makes fighting someone challenging but fun. So far Raiderz is a great MMO and i’m having a ton of fun playing it. I recommend this to anyone that’s looking for something in MMO’s instead of the same generic thing over and over again. Raiderz has my recommendation.

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