Ray Lewis Prefers Rex Ryan Over Bill Bilichick – Does That Really Surprise Anyone?

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I loved watching Ray Lewis play football. He was a beast throughout his entire career, but he sucks as a football analyst because he’s too bias and he obviously hates the New England Patriots.

No one in their right mind would rather have Rex, never gonna win, Ryan over Bill Bilichick as head coach of their football team. Why? Because Bill Bilichick is a winner that’s why. Rex Ryan may be more relatable and probably more liked by players across the NFL, but what’s more important. A head coach’s personality or their win and loss record?

I’m not the biggest Bill Bilichick fan, I’m Colts fan so you know why :], but I’m not going to sit here and say that I would rather have Rex Ryan as my coach. Rex runs his mouth too much. He’s never focused on what he should be focused on and that’s his team. He always focused on the Patriots.


Just watch last night’s game and you’ll see what I’m talking about. He threw his headset on the ground before half time. What type of person does that? He’s obsessed with beating the Patriots because he knows he can’t. The Buffalo Bills were a better team last season then they are now. Rex Ryan will never win a Superbowl and Ray Lewis is going to say that he would rather have him as a coach. Okay… if Rex Ryan was your coach you wouldn’t have two Superbowl rings. You know how many you would have? The same amount as Dan Marino.

Ray Lewis never has anything good to say about the Patriots because the Patriots beat his Ravens many, many years ago to get to the Superbowl. You should have listened to the rant he went on when the Patriots beat the Ravens last season to advance in the playoffs. It was ridiculous and uncalled for.

Who would you rather have as your head coach? Would you choose Rex Ryan or Bill Bilicheck? Is this even debatable?

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Share Your Thoughts!