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Renowned Explorers: International Society Review

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I knew next to nothing about Renowned Explorers, but the gameplay trailer I watched on GOG convinced me to buy the game and I really like it. 

The Great:


Renowned Explorers is turn based. Each one of your characters will have a chance to act and after their turn is over your opponents turn will begin. The gameplay itself is simple, but more complex then I originally thought it was. During combat there are certain moods that will affect the battlefield. If you laugh at someone or give them a negative grade, yes I really wrote that, it’ll either make them upset or sad depending on which skill is used.

There is no blood, or guts in this game. It’s very light hearted and I found myself laughing at how ridiculous the characters in this game are. My favorite character is the little old lady. Her special move is yelling, giving bad grades, and making her opponents cry in a corner for days on end. It’s fantastic and I honestly can’t get enough of it.

After each mission you’ll be taken back to the main hub. Here you’ll be able to research new abilities for your characters, buy new equipment, send one of your best members on a lecture to earn currency, and accept new missions.

The Good: 


i-rMk-EQSVx2.878x0.Z-Z96KYqRenowned Explorers looks good. Nothing blew me away or made me want to jump through my monitor and drool over the graphics, but it got the job done. The character models look really good, the animations are solid, and the various different maps that I visited looked good. Nothing about the graphics were great, but they were solid all around and I have no complaints at all about them.

It’s Funny:

This game is hilarious. If you’re not punching people out with a wrestler you’re doing something really goofy. I won a battle against a horde of monkeys by laughing at them. I made every boss that I came across huddle in a corner and cry because I hurt their feelings. There was never a dull moment in this game and I love it for that.

It’s Relaxing:

I don’t always need a deep story, and intense moments to keep me invested in a game. Some times I just want to sit back and relax while gaming and that’s exactly what I did while I played this game. I didn’t even have to put my hands on the keyboard. I did everything with the mouse and still had a great time with this game.

The Bad:


One thing that Renowned Explorers is missing is a good soundtrack. I always say that a good soundtrack can make or break a game because it’s what you’ll constantly be listening to while you play the game. The soundtrack here isn’t terrible. I thought some of the songs that I listened to were pretty good, but a good majority of them were out of place. They just didn’t fit the atmosphere of the game.

It’s Unbalanced:

I expect to lose at games like this. It’s only natural because I’m still learning the game, but fighting a five star boss on a one star map is a bit unfair in my opinion. There is no way to know how hard a fight is until you’re in it. Planning out your attacks is very important because you can easily get outnumbered and die. Once you die it’s game over. There are no retries in this game.

The Verdict:

Renowned Explorers is a great little game that I purchased for $10. I’ve had hours of fun with this game and I plan on having many more. For the price this is a easy buy. It’s funny, it looks nice, plays nice, and it’s relaxing. There is a good amount of content here to keep invested in the game and if you like humor you should love this little title.


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Share Your Thoughts!