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Resident Evil 0 HD First Impression [PC]

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My second favorite Resident Evil game has been re-released and I didn’t hesitate to jump back in and experience this fantastic game all over again.Β 

Resident Evil 0 HD is a really good PC port. It’s got a higher resolution and runs at a flawless 60fps on the highest settings. This game has been brought back to life and I enjoyed the hour that I spent running around the train as Rebecca Chambers.

I just met Billy and decided to take a little break for a few hours before I jump back in. It’s been long time since I’ve played this game, but, surprisingly, I remember just about everything about it. The puzzles are most likely going to kick my ass, but I’m looking forward to it.


I was really surprised on how well the PC port was done. It has full mouse and keyboard support. I can navigate the menus effortlessly with my mouse. It’s little things like this that makes a difference when I’m gaming. I shouldn’t have to plug in a controller to enjoy my game and I don’t have to do that here. I was prepared to, but I’m glad I don’t have to.

I haven’t made it very far at all. Most of my first hour was spent watching cutscenes and listening to some cheesy voice acting. So what exactly changed with this new port of Resident Evil 0?

I already mentioned that it runs at 1080p/60fps. That’s just the start of this port. The lighting, the environment, even though it’s just static images, and textures have all been improved on. This game looks a lot better now then it did on the Gamecube. The old Resident Evil games are some of the best looking games ever made and this only enhanced what was already an incredible looking game back in 2002.


This is a good remastered version of the game. I won’t be able to try the new Wesker Mode until I complete game, but I’ll touch up on that when I review it later on. I’ve only played for a little over an hour and I already disagree with IGN’s review of the game. It’s definitely not a 6, but I’ll get more into that in my review.

If you’re looking for a good horror game to play buy this game. The original Resident Evil Remake is also a very solid choice too. I recommend getting both, but if you can only choose one go for the one that most appeals to you.

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    Jan 22, 2016 3:22 am

    Some days I wake up and miss not being able to play RE! Hopefully in the not to far future I will be playing again…

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