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Resident Evil 3 Remake Review

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There’s a lot of mixed reviews on Capcom’s latest Resident Evil game. I’ve seen scores as high as a perfect 10 and as low as 58. Is Resident Evil 3 as bad as some reviewers made it out to be? The answer is no. Here’s my review of Resident Evil 3.

Update: I recently discovered that there is indeed dismemberment in Resident Evil 3 after I struggled to dismember anything in almost 20 hours of playtime. I corrected my mistakes in the review and replaced the text.

The Great:


Capcom’s RE Engine is incredible. Is it the best engine in gaming right now? I think so. Resident Evil 3 and 2 are some of the best looking games ever made. The lighting, shadows, character models, and Carlos’s hair look incredible. My god does Carlos’s hair look good! The only complaint I have is the lip-sync is off in some cutscenes. I can’t help, but feel like this game was rushed out the door a little early because of some small issues like this.

The zombies look as good here as they did in Resident Evil 2. The RE Engine is some next-gen looking shit. The most impressive part of it all is the way my game performed. I ran Resident Evil 3 at 75 fps on the highest settings and it only dipped (down to 72 frames) once or twice my entire playthrough. I didn’t encounter any bugs and I only crashed a single time after 10 hours of straight gaming. This game is optimized really well and it feels good to play a PC game that performs well. The various different graphical options are also a major plus.


The dodge mechanic in this game gets a lot of hate from people and I’ll agree that it isn’t perfect… until you unlock a certain item and become a dodge master. Resident Evil 3, like 2, plays fantastically.

The gameplay loop is pretty much the same in this game as it is in every Resident Evil game. The big difference is that this game is more action-oriented than the last few Resident Evil games. The original Resident Evil 3 was also action-heavy though and honestly… it works really well in this game.

This game has really good replay value and is about the same length as your regular Resident Evil game. After I completed the game I unlocked a shop to buy things from. There were unique weapons, a costume, and some special tokens that I could buy that would give me a permanent boost to my attack, defense, and even give me health regeneration. It’s really neat and I’ve already unlocked just about everything except the infinite rocket launcher and assault rifle. That’s going to take some time to get.


The biggest complaint most people had about Resident Evil 2 remake was the lack of music. That has been fixed here. Music is almost always playing the background and it really added to the atmosphere. It’s creepy and had me questioning myself about exploring the area because I was scared Nemesis was going to show up and open up a can of whoop-ass on me. The voice acting is actually very good and still has that cheesiness that Resident Evil games are known for. Carlos delivered some great lines and had some really good gameplay segments. I just wish Capcom would have gone all in and just gave him his own campaign.

Jill Valentine

I know there’s a lot of complaints out there on Jill Valentine’s appearance. I personally think she’s beautiful. Jill has always been a beautiful woman in Resident Evil games and that’s no difference here. As a matter of fact, I think she looks better here than she ever did, but that’s just my own personal preference. The only thing I dislike is her outfit. She looks like Lara Croft and that annoys me. No, I’m not asking for Capcom to make her sexy (she already is), but would it have killed them to give her a better outfit and not just do a copy/paste job of Lara Croft? That being said, Jill is a fucking badass. She single-handedly kicked the living crap out of Nemesis and taunted him every chance she got. Jill has been through some shit and I’m glad they did her justice in this game.

The Good:


The story of Resident Evil 3 has been beautifully reimagined here. This isn’t the Resident Evil 3 of yesteryear just like Resident Evil 2 wasn’t. Things are different now and you can either accept that or become one of many trolls that bash on the game because of it. The story immediately introduces Nemesis (in like the first 5 minutes) and it immediately goes after Jill in her apartment. The story never lets up. Jill went through some shit here and she’s tough as nails. I think I’m going to have the way Nemesis blurts out “STARZ” in my head for a while.

The Bad:

The only legitimate complaint I have for this game is probably the tacked on Resistance mode. Everything is me nitpicking like I did in Resident Evil 2.

Carlos Should’ve Had His Own Campaign:

I don’t like the pacing of Resident Evil 3. It switched between Jill and Carlos too much for my liking. It would have been better if they just gave Carlos his own campaign. He’s off-camera for most of the game doing his own thing anyway so him having his own story mode would’ve been great. I think that was probably the original plan and I also think that the developers ran out of time. This game needed more time to bake.

Resistance Mode:

I didn’t buy this game for Resistance Mode and as it stands, it’s a bare-boned feature that adds absolutely nothing to the game. Thankfully, it’s an optional download and after spending 20 minutes with it I uninstalled it from my PC and went back to the excellent single-player portion of the game. Maybe Resistance will get good eventually, but right now it isn’t.

The Verdict

I really enjoyed my time with Resident Evil 3. It's frantic fast pace made for an unforgettable experience and kept me on my toes throughout my entire journey. It was great to finally play as Jill Valentine again and experience this classic game retold with today's technology. Nemesis was an excellent antagonist that never let up and none of that is as important as a cruel, Carlosless world would be.

Final Score :

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