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Resident Evil 6 Review

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This is an old review that I wrote a while ago, but I decided it would be a good idea to share again with everyone because it fits my Halloween theme perfectly. October simply isn’t complete with a review for a Resident Evil game and this is the first of many to come. 

Resident Evil 6 upset a lot of people when it came out. I was not one of them, after I played Resident Evil 5 I knew the Resident Evil series would turn into a full blown action game sooner or later. The problem with Resident Evil 6 is it tries to cater to old school Resident Evil fans, and the fans of the newer, more action based Resident Evil games. Many people consider Resident Evil 2, and 4 to be the best ones in the series. I’m not among them, I actually hate Resident Evil 2, and 4 with a passion. Resident Evil 5, and Resident Evil Zero are my favorite ones. So does Resident Evil 6 deserve all the hate it got? I don’t think so, everyone knows that when you revamp a series you’re going to get a shit ton of hate from the old school fans that don’t want the game to change. Look at DmC for example, that game got a lot of hate.

Resident Evil 6 has three different campaigns plus a fourth secret campaign that you unlock after you complete the first three. If you want the traditional Resident Evil experience then go with Leon’s story. You actually fight zombies, the first two stages in his campaign wasn’t bad. I’m not a fan of Leon but I was into his story when it first started. After about stage 4 though I felt like his story should have ended. Helena was a pretty decent character and I started to like her after awhile.


The second campaign is Chris Redfield’s. His story is more action oriented and has very little creepiness in it at all. The mansion stage, and the ship stages are by far the most awesome stages in the game. I enjoyed Chris Redfield’s story the most, watching how the death of his men affected him was cool and it reminded me why I love his character so much. Chris has been through a lot and it shows in this game. That was nice to see. His partner Pierce is alright I guess but I honestly never played as him in my 100+ hours I have put into this game so far. Is it just me or does Resident Evil feel like a Micheal Bay movie? In Chris’s campaign something blew up every ten minutes. It was very distracting and I couldn’t believe that I was playing a Resident Evil game at one point.

Jake’s campaign kind of reminded me of Resident Evil 3 in a way because you’re always running from that big ass monster whose name I completely forgot. Jake is Wesker’s son and his blood is the only cure for the new virus outbreak all over the world. He’s willing to sell it for the right price and that’s how his story begins. His partner Sherry Birkin is awesome, I won’t lie, I really enjoyed Jake’s campaign. He can take out a whole group of zombies with his bare hands. Sherry is no push over too and they work really well together. At first they’re against each other but they form a strong bond throughout the course of the game and Jake’s last stage was just awesome.

chris vs leon

The gameplay in Resident Evil 6 has been revamped and it works. I love the new gameplay, it’s more fluid, and responsive then any other Resident Evil game. You can jump over cover, slide, roll, crawl, shoot while crawling, running, sliding, or jumping, and fight with your bare hands. There are so many different ways for you to kill your enemies now.

There are a host of different modes that you can play in Resident Evil 6. There’s the normal campaign mode, Mercenaries Mode, Agent Hunt, Survivors, Predators, Siege, and Onslaught mode.

Mercenaries Mode has you fighting an infinite amount of Zombies in an allotted time limit. You can increase your time by finding hourglasses around the stage. Lunaliah and I had a lot of fun playing this mode for hours.

Agent Hunt Mode is a new mode in Resident Evil that allows you to take control of one of the enemies and try and kill an actual player in their story mode. I’m actually really good at this mode, i’ve racked up well over 1,000 player kills back when I had my console. Being invaded by other players is a lot of fun and adds an extra challenge to the game. I warn you though… i’m very hard to kill in this game.

I haven’t played any of the other modes because they were added after I got rid of my consoles. One thing I really don’t like about the game is the local split screen. It’s horrible, you don’t even get a full screen. I have no idea why Capcom decided it would be a good idea to take out the excellent split screen from Resident Evil 5. If you’re going to play this with a friend then I suggest that both of you own the game or you’re going to hate this game. Resident Evil 6 is a great game. I had a lot of fun with it and I think it was worth every cent. I’ve accepted the fact that Resident Evil is no longer a horror game. That doesn’t make this game any less enjoyable to me. If I want to play a horror game i’ve got Fear, or Dead Space. That doesn’t mean that this game didn’t have it’s moments though. That ship stage in Chris’s campaign was great even though it fell short of actually scaring me.

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