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Resident Evil 6 Screenshots

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I’ve been on a Resident Evil gaming spree for the last two weeks. I decided to share some of my screenshots with everyone. 

2015-01-23_00043 2015-02-22_00007 2015-02-22_00009 2015-02-22_00032 2015-02-22_00036 2015-02-22_00046 2015-03-22_00003 2015-03-23_00013 2015-03-23_00016 2015-03-23_00018


I’ve downloaded a few mods and so far I’m really loving my playthrough of Resident Evil 6 again. This is the first time I’ve played it on PC.

I’m also playing Resident Evil 5 for the first time on PC too and I should have some screenshots of that game up soon.

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Share Your Thoughts!