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Resident Evil 7's New Demo Showed Us Nothing New At All

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I try my best to avoid Resident Evil news these days. Capcom has no idea what they want this new game to be and their new demo showed nothing new at all. 

I watched the new Resident Evil 7 demo and I’m still unimpressed by it. It’s basically Silent Hill, which also unimpressed me, and Outlast mixed into one game. Capcom claims there’s going to be combat in the game, but have yet to show it off to everyone.

Since everything surrounding this game is mostly negative at the moment why not show us something to try and change our minds. Instead we got another Outlast demo that showed us absolutely nothing. I took a few things away from Resident Evil 7 and I’ll try my best not to completely shit on it.

  1. The game looks like shit. The graphics aren’t impressive at all and that’s a bit of a disappointment to me because I was hoping for a  major upgrade.
  2. Stop with the found footage shit already! You’re trying something new and no one cares so please show some actual gameplay footage instead of trying to “scare” everyone because I’m not buying those actors you have pretending to get scared from jump scares.
  3. You can’t release a new demo and not show anything new. Everything we saw was available in the trailer. What about the actual gameplay. Shooting things, ammo management, etc. If that’s in the game show it off.
  4. I’m still not buying the first person perspective. It looks really stiff and there’s a pretty good chance that it is as stiff as it looks.
  5. I miss Shinji Mikami and I think Capcom does too because they have no idea where to take this series.
  6. Stop kissing Sony’s ass and release this demo on all platforms because you’re only dividing your fans by not giving everyone access to it.

That’s all I got. I’m too disappointed to write anything else about this game. It looks like Outlast and that Silent Hill demo that released awhile back. It’s not very impressive so far and I hope that changes because I’m a huge Resident Evil fan and I want to love this game, but everything I’ve seen makes me want to write it off as another failure in the series.

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Share Your Thoughts!