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Resident Evil HD Remaster Review

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Instead of playing Resident Evil 7 I went back to where it all started and played through the HD remaster of the first Resident Evil game.

The Great:


I think the Gamecube version of this game still looks amazing today.  The same can be said about the remastered version of that remastered version. Everything looks really good. The lighting is better, the textures are better, and the resolution is better. The character models look good, not great, and there are actual zombies in this game.


REHDRThis game has one creepy soundtrack. Every theme I heard in the background added to the amazing atmosphere that this game has. I truly felt like I was trapped in a creepy ass mansion with nowhere to go, but forward. Since it’s been so long since I last played this I found myself second guessing on whether or not I should just run through hallways or slowly walk through them because I didn’t know whether or not I would run into a zombie and that’s mainly because of the soundtrack.


Resident Evil puzzles used to keep me busy for hours while I tried to figure them out. I haven’t played this game since I owned a Gamecube way back in the day. I didn’t remember most of the puzzles in this game and it took a lot of effort for me to get through them. I had a big smile on face the whole time because Resident Evil puzzles have been dumbed down ever since the first installment of this series.

The Good:


One thing I miss about Resident Evil 6, and the Revelation series is the gameplay. The gameplay feels dated in this remake. When I aim I can’t move or even walk. I’m forced to stand there and shoot random locations on whatever is in front of me until it drops dead so I can run away from the other four or five enemies behind me.

Even the new control mode felt awkward because I had just come off a fresh run from Revelations 2 and I had to get used to all of the slower movements in this title. It’s still fun, but it took some getting used to.


Resident Evil has never told a fantastic story in any of their games, but I’ve always enjoyed them. This game is the beginning of the franchise and I really enjoyed the cheesy lines, dialogue, and voice acting. This is an old game so I can’t be too harsh on the voice acting or story because that was the norm back in the day.

The Bad:

It’s Not Really A Remastered Game:

ResidentEvil_1204_01This game had slight graphical improvements over it’s predecessor, but it’s nothing compared to Metro 2033. When someone says they’re going to remaster a game I expect that game to get treated like an upcoming triple A title. The graphical improvements here are nice, but I hoped that we would have had a real improvement instead of the bare minimum that we got here.

The Verdict:

Resident Evil Remastered is a fantastic game that gave me exactly what I wanted in a horror game. It kept me on the edge of my seat as I ran through zombie infested hallways, and bathrooms. The mansion is creepier then it ever was and even though it’s not a real remastered game it’s still worth the $20 I paid for it back when it first released on the Xbox One and I enjoyed it a lot more this time around since it was in high definition.

If you’re a hardcore Resident Evil fan you probably already own this game, but if you’re new to the series or are just looking to play a good horror game I highly recommend this game.


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Share Your Thoughts!