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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Episode 1 Impression

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The first Resident Evil Revelations game was nothing short of terrible. I didn’t like it at all and I went into Resident Evil Revelations 2 with very low expectations. This is my impression of what I’ve played so far including my impressions of Raid Mode. 

Resident Evil Revelations started off pretty awesome. Clair Redfield is kidnapped and locked in a prison of sorts. As she begins to explore the facility she runs into Barry’s daughter, Moira, and they team up to take on the horrors that lay in wait for them. The only thing that I don’t like about Moira is that she doesn’t use firearms.

2817477-8847141150-27473This really limits her in combat because whoever second player is will have to wait until player one stuns an enemy before they can go and whack it in the head with a crowbar. After spending over 100 hours in Resident Evil 6 it took me some time to get used to the slow gameplay in Revelations 2, but once I did I started to have a lot of fun with it. I miss rolling around and sliding under zombies, but I think I understand why Capcom decided to limit us in the gameplay department. They’re trying to recapture that survival horror feel that Resident Evil started off with, but I honestly argue that none of the Resident Evil games are scary or survival horror. They’re action/horror games and there’s nothing wrong with that.

If Capcom is trying to bring the horror back into Resident Evil than they’re doing a pretty good job. The atmosphere in Revelations 2 is fantastic and everything from the ambient sounds to the zombies themselves really work in this game. Capcom hit the nail on the head here.

After I completed Claire’s chapter I got to play as Barry. Barry is there trying to find his daughter Moira. He got her distress call and immediately set off to rescue his baby girl. The episode ended on a cliffhanger, but it left me wanting to know what happens next and how the story will unfold as play through Revelations 2 and that surprised me because Resident Evil has never been known for telling good stories. It’s always been about the gameplay.

I really enjoyed playing as Clair again. I think it’s been too long since she was the focus of a game. Maybe she’ll play a part in Resident Evil 7. I can always hope right? Moira was a little annoying to play as, but I liked her attitude so she gets a pass from me, but slightly. I hope she’ll eventually start to use guns as the series progress.

resident-evil-revelations-2-officially-revealed_2pjj1920Barry was great and I think I enjoyed his chapter more than I did Clair’s. Even though his was more action oriented it was also a good survival horror experience because ammo was scarce and I often found myself sneaking around and assassinating my enemies instead of blowing their heads off with my magnum or assault rifle.

After I completed episode one I started up Raid Mode and it’s really addictive. Lunaliah and I have already spent hours just doing Raid Mode. At first we only started with the characters that we had in story mode and some random chick that died at the beginning of the game. I’m still scratching my head over why she’s even a character.

Raid Mode gives Resident Evil Revelations 2 tons of replayability. The story mode has high replayability too because you can restart the chapter with your current equipment. I thought this was excellent because you won’t have to waste your time trying to find everything all over again even though I sort of did that during my second playthrough of episode 1.

I’m not going to slap a score on this because I only played episode one. I only brought a single episode to see if I liked it and I did. I loved my brief time spent in this game and I can’t wait to jump back in Raid Mode and finish unlocking all of the stages and secret characters. So far I have Jill, but I’m pretty sure Chris is in Raid Mode somewhere.

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    The Otaku Judge
    Mar 15, 2015 6:55 am

    I like Barry’s references to the first game.

    • Reply
      Mar 20, 2015 9:21 pm

      Same. I loved when he told Natalia that hes had enough of mansions :].

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