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Resident Evil Revelations 2 Review

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I put off playing quite a few games just so I could sit down and enjoy playing Resident Evil Revelations 2. After putting in more than 50 hours of gameplay I’m finally ready to write my review. 

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is an episodic game that revolves around Clair Redfield, and Barry Burton. Clair is kidnapped at the beginning of the game and wakes up in a prison. She has no idea how she got there or what that bracelet on her arm is. A few minutes into the game she meets up with Moira Burton, Barry’s daughter, and they start to investigate the facility they’re locked in.

The Good:


Resident Evil Revelations 2 doesn’t have that stiff gameplay that plagued Resident Evil for the first 5 games, but it also doesn’t have the awesome gameplay from Resident Evil 6. It’s a blend of old school with new school and it works really well. I do miss rolling around on the floor and sliding under zombies legs and blasting them away, but I have no complaints with Revelations 2’s gameplay.

One thing Resident Evil Revelations does really well is the changing character mechanic. This hasn’t been done since Resident Evil Zero and I really enjoyed changing characters as my situations changed. Playing as Moira or Natalia really changed the gameplay. Since they don’t use weapons you’ll be in more of a support role. The only thing you’ll have access to is a rock, with Natalia, or a flashlight and crowbar with Moira.

After each mission you’ll earn BP. BP is used to buy new skills with your main characters or you can save them up and buy some really good rewards like new costumes for your characters to wear or powerful weapons. The new game plus really gives Revelations 2 a lot of replayability.

After you’re done with the main campaign you can jump into raid mode. Raid mode lets you choose from a variety of characters, including some fan favorites, and lets you do random missions with them. It’s a very addictive mode that offers countless more hours of fun for you to have with a friend or by yourself. You can level up your characters and spend skill points to either give them more hp, or carry more ammo in a specific type of gun. Raid mode reminds me of Mercenary mode from previous Resident Evil games, but it’s not as much fun as those are.


2817477-8847141150-27473Capcom tried to go back to Resident Evil’s roots with this game and I think they succeeded. The first episode really got the creepy vibe going and even though it wasn’t “scary” it was creepy and I loved the atmosphere.

Episode 2 didn’t have the atmosphere that episode 1 had for me, but I still loved it. Once I got out of the village and made it to the run down apartment, I think it’s an apartment anyway, I loved it and running from that maniac with the giant drill took me back to the chainsaw zombie in Resident Evil 4 and 5.

Episode 3 was filled with puzzles to do. Some of them were simple while others, I’m looking at you tombstone puzzle, took me a little while to figure out because I didn’t want to ruin the experience by looking up the answer online. Clair had a really good end boss fight too that has a twist at the end.

Episode 4 is where things really heat up. We learn why Natalia is so important to the Overseer and, more importantly, what happened to Clair and Moira. I actually think Barry had the better story while Clair had the better atmosphere in her missions. I really liked Natalia, but I’m not too crazy about Moira. She acts like a teenager and didn’t really grow on me at first, but she did grow, a little, during the game and I’m not completely against seeing her again somewhere down the line.

I think this is the last we’ll see of Barry though. I can’t imagine him getting another role in a Resident Evil game unless Capcom kills him off because of the way that Revelations 2 ended.


The soundtrack in this game is great. It really adds to the atmosphere. During my first playthrough I played like a snail because I thought an enemy would jump out at me, but it never happened. Whenever a soundtrack can make me hesitate than it’s doing a good job.


FIRevelations 2 doesn’t look as good as Resident Evil 6, but it does look better than the previous Revelations game. The cinematics are beautiful and the in game cutscenes look really good. They’re not perfect, but they’re not horrible. I think most people forget that this is a low budget Resident Evil game. It’s only $25 and for that price this game looks great.

Local Co op:

This is one of the few games that I can sit down and play with my wife. We’ve played through this game 3 times already and we’re still having a blast. I don’t know what I would do without my flashlight girl beating the crap out of zombies with her crowbar.

The Bad:

Voice Acting:

The voice acting in this game isn’t terrible, but it’s not good either. On some parts it’s really good, but most of the time I cringed at how bad some of these voice actors are. This is where you would probably remember that you only payed 25 bucks for this game.


trj5zyojgj6en2za3wn2Why is it so hard for Capcom to make our partner smart? How hard could that be? I can’t tell you how many times I’ve fucked up because my partner either got in my way, or was too  stupid to dodge an axe going for her head. It’s unacceptable because this has been going on since Resident Evil 4. Part 6 had acceptable A.I, but they took a step back with Revelations 2. Is it because this is a low budget game?

The Verdict: 

Resident Evil Revelations 2 is an awesome game. It has a ton of replayability and it does go back to it’s survival horror roots. Raid mode is a great alternative to the campaign that will keep you invested in the game for a long time and once Capcom adds online multiplayer I think this will have a chance to be a popular online co op experience.

The voice acting is just average, but the gameplay is fun and the atmosphere is excellent. Resident Evil Revelations 2 has earned my official recommendation. Go buy this game if you’re a Resident Evil fan or a horror fan in general.


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  • Reply
    Mar 19, 2015 11:00 pm

    Good to know. I saw it at Target today, but wasn’t sure about it.

    • Omar Jackson
      Mar 19, 2015 11:21 pm

      I was skeptical about it too at first. I brought episode 1 for $5 and loved it so I eventually ended up buying the season pass. For $25 this game is definitely worth it in my opinion.

  • Reply
    The Otaku Judge
    Mar 20, 2015 5:39 am

    I am really enjoying this game (it’s been a while since I could say that about an RE title.) I have played the first two episodes and then made the mistake of trying out Raid Mode. I am now so hooked on leveling up Gina that I don’t know when I will get round to completing the story.

    • Omar Jackson
      Mar 20, 2015 7:58 am

      I was like that too, but with Clair :]. I enjoy all of the Resident Evil games. Part 5 is my favorite in the series.

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