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Revisiting Diablo III

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I just, sort of, created a new series to write about. Some times I don’t want to play a fancy new game. Diablo III is one of my most played games of all time. I love it and it’s still the best ARPG around. Many games have tried to take Diablo’s throne, but none have succeeded to me.

I didn’t expect to revisit this game until the Switch port released, but I did and I love it. Season 15 just went live not to long ago and my curiosity made me click on the install button and the next thing I knew I was looking at the character selection screen. Instead of making a brand new character I decided to rebirth one of my necromancers for the new season. This series is going to be about games that I go back to and not only will I write about the game itself, but I’ll critique the changes and decide if I still love, or hate it, as much as I used to when I last played it. So for my very first Revisiting post I decided to go with the game I started playing pretty heavily a few days ago. 

Season 15 didn’t bring any changes to the core concept of Diablo III. There are a few new areas in Adventure Mode, but I have no idea when they got there because it’s been well over a year since I played it last. The rewards for season 15 are okay. They’re not the best. I’m mostly interested in the new armor sets for the Witch Doctor and Necromancer. Everyone else’s is sort of… meh at best. I totally want the Necromancer’s and I have plenty of time to get it. Season 15 doesn’t end until December. I almost went with the Crusader as my starting character in season 25, but he was edged out by my necromancer because I’ve only built two necromancers and like 30 crusaders. My build this time will focus on what necromancers do best that’s summoning the dead to do the fighting for me. I’m level 29 right now and so far I’m really liking my build, but I do like my last one a lot more on my other necromancer. I like summoning my skeletal archers to start a fight and once some enemies are dead I’ll use resurrection to summon everyone I just killed back to life to fight for me. And I have a really neat looking frost golem that smashes shit to pieces if it gets close to me. I only have a single damage dealing ability (army of the dead) outside of my primary attack and I only use it when I’m fighting enchanted enemies. 

One thing I’ve noticed is that I’m not rusty at this game at all. I remember everything and it didn’t take me long to figure out exactly how I wanted to build my new character. I even found some loot that makes my summons last 2 seconds longer and that makes a big difference. It also doubles the amount of skeletal archers I can summon so instead of summoning 1 I summon 2. That saves on essence and allows me to focus on other things instead of right clicking. I haven’t touched story mode yet, but I know I’m going to once I reach level 70. I’m leveling up at an incredibly fast pace right now. I’m just focusing on doing my bounties and I’ve leveled up 29 times by completing two of them on the Expert difficulty level. I plan on going to torment once I get some better gear. 

I mentioned that Diablo III had some new areas to explore since I last played. The new areas that I played are the Shrouded Moors and Temple of the Firstborn. It’s nothing major like Reaper of Souls was, but it was enjoyable. It took me about 20 minutes to play through both maps. It even had a npc follow me around and talk to me about the area and what was going on with it. I really liked both maps and it had a pretty cool boss fight at the end too. I just wish Blizzard would add some more to the single player campaign instead of Adventure Mode. 

Diablo III has aged really well. Some times I forget that it released all the way back in 2012. It’s a 6 year old game that plays like it just released this year. I mean… technically it is being released this year on the Switch, but you know what I mean. It originally released in 2012 on PC and even though it had a lot of issues at launch Blizzard has successfully turned this game around. I’ve bought it twice already and I plan on buying it again on the Switch. The only part of this game that shows it’s age is the graphics. It plays better than every other ARPG out there right now. Most games try to re-imagine Diablo II by making it “old-school”. Blizzard said, “to hell with that!” and created something original. Path of Exile and Grim Dawn come to my mind as soon as I think of Diablo II. There’s nothing wrong with either game. I love both of them to pieces, but they’re no Diablo. I’ve gotten off track, again, and kind of rambled there. I’m sorry about that, not really, but I am. Diablo III is like a fine wine. It gets better with age, but I do find myself thinking when are we going to either get a new expansion or Diablo IV. I can only play Diablo III so much before I start wishing for some worthwhile content or a new game in the series. Make it happen Blizzard! 

I’ve enjoyed revisiting Diablo III. It’s a shame that I lost my review of the game when I moved all of my content over from WordPress. I’m thinking about re-reviewing the game, but I’ll hold off on that until I play the Switch version so I can do a complete review of Diablo III on every platform. I also don’t believe that I’ve been playing this game for 6 years… where did the time go? 

Diablo III is still a lot of fun. It doesn’t have as much content as Path of Exile, but I enjoy it more than that game. It’s my favorite ARPG and I love how incredibly smooth it plays. It’s still a really great game that’s gotten better with time. I still don’t know what made me want to play this game again, but I’m glad I am. It’s fun playing alone or with friends and it’ll hold me over until I feel like playing something else. Diablo III is definitely going to move up a notch or two on my top 10 most played games. Especially when I get the Switch version :). 

As you can probably tell I really love Diablo III. Usually when I revisit a game I used to like I find all sorts of negative things about the game that didn’t hold up as well over time. That didn’t happen here. I’ll end this with two questions for you. What’s a game that you revisited after some time and still loved? And what’s a game you liked that you revisited, but didn’t like after you played it again? 

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    The Night Owl
    Sep 26, 2018 5:15 pm

    The lure of the loot was just too great to wait for the Switch version! 😉

    About your questions… ANY Civilization game I could go back to and play for hours but the old school Myst like adventures (including the game itself) I’ve found are no longer for me… That lack of real interactivity starts to annoy me. 😉

    • Reply
      Sep 27, 2018 11:54 am


      I plan on revisiting Civilization at some point. I love that series. Myst… is no longer for me too lol. That and the older Total War games. I can’t bring myself to play them anymore.

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