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Revisiting Dynasty Warriors 9

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Would you believe me if I told you I’m 4 hours away from hitting 100 hours of play time in Dynasty Warriors 9? 

It was just a few days ago that I had 75 hours of play time in this game. That means I’ve put almost 25 hours of time in this game in the last few days. Why? Because I’m a huge Dynasty Warriors fan and I never thought part 9 was as bad as everyone said it was last year. That being said I haven’t played this game since July of last year. So what made me want to play this again? The truth is I don’t know, but I’m glad I did because a lot has been added to this game since I last played it. For starters, it has co-op now! Koei added co-op sometime last year, I think, and I just got around to trying it out with my wife a few nights ago and we both loved it. It sucks playing split screen but the fact that we can travel around all of China together and kick some Shu ass. Dynasty Warriors 9 is a sandbox now and it’s not a bad one. 

It’s an open world action game and a damn good one at that. I’ve always like this game, but I like it even more now. I can kick some ass, go out and catch myself a new pet, make some friends and turn them into my bodyguards, take some photos in photo mode, or just go fishing. Dynasty Warriors 9 isn’t just about the combat anymore and that’s okay. I really like all of these added features and I think Omega Force did a good job with their first open world Dynasty Warriors game. The thing that always gets me is that we wanted a change in this series and when we got it look at what happened. People bitched and complained that it wasn’t the same as the games that came before it. Dynasty Warriors 6 got the same treatment and look how long it took this company to step out of their comfort zone again. Dynasty Warriors 9 is currently sitting at 2/10 on Steam. This game is not a 2/10. It’s no 10/10, but it’s definitely nowhere near a 3. 

I enjoyed playing as Guan Yu and Ding Feng. I thought I played Guan Yu’s story already, but it turned out that I haven’t played through a single character of the Shu Dynasty. So I went ahead and chose Guan Yu as my first character. He’s my favorite character anyway so I definitely didn’t mind choosing him to start with. The first thing I noticed when I booted the game up was how much better it performed. Back when this game first released it had absolutely terrible performance on PC. It’s still not perfect, but it’s a night and day difference from when I last played it. The bodyguard feature from Dynasty Warriors 4 is back, but instead of getting random nobodies to be your guard you can have other characters guard you. I haven’t gotten a bodyguard yet so I don’t know how useful they are or if they could even keep up with my horse yet. I’ll update this when I figure out how to get one :). I did do some fishing, go shopping, build another ultimate weapon (I got Lu Bu’s) and cringe at the terrible English voice acting. I think the voice actors went on strike while this game was in development. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong on that. Every time I tell myself I’m going to change the voice acting to Chinese (does the PC version even have the Chinese voices?) I forget and end up cringing hard at the English voices. I miss the voices of Dynasty Warriors 7. They weren’t perfect, but I loved Cao Cao, Lu Bu, Guan Yu, and a bunch of other characters over their Japanese counterparts. 

I really liked Dynasty Warriors 9 last year and I like it even more now. There has been a lot of quality of life improvements since I last played and since I’m no longer having performance issues I can easily recommend this game now. I even reviewed it when it first released and I know I have to go back and update that since there was a graphical glitch that made everything look muddy on PC. That’s gone now too. This game is beautiful and it’s fun and that’s all I can ask for in a Dynasty Warriors game. 

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