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Revisiting Skyforge

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Skyforge is an MMO that I haven’t played in years. The main selling point was that you get to play as an immortal and eventually become a god. The problem is doing all of the boring shit leading up to becoming one and the insane grind required to unlock new character classes. At least… that’s how it was back in the day. So how is this game now? 

I’m not sure what made me want to reinstall Skyforge again. I just felt like playing it and I did. The game has changed a lot since I last played it a few years ago. You can’t level up your character the way you used to and it took me a few hours to learn all of the new features and what I would have to do to unlock new character classes since my old file was wiped for some unknown reason. 

Skyforge… is a good game and it isn’t at the same time. The gameplay is fine, it looks fantastic, the character creator is awesome, and I love the character designs. So what is wrong with the game? My main problem with the game is how long it’ll take to unlock a single new character class outside of the three you start the game with. You can switch classes any time you want in this game. The problem is unlocking those new classes. You’ll have to make to the end game to really start unlocking the class you want to play as because the currency you need to farm for them can take anywhere from 40 to 50 hours for a single class. So if you want to get two or three classes you’re looking at well over 100 hours. 100 hours of grinding to get the classes that you want. Or you can just throw your money at the screen and that’s exactly what the Allods Team wants you to do. You can buy the classes or grind forever for them. 

What I do like about the game is everything I already mentioned above. This game looks really good and character models look absolutely fantastic. It’s not Black Desert or Blade and Soul good, but it’s up there with them in my opinion. The character creator is absolutely fantastic and it even has a butt slider. A butt slider! The gameplay is good too if you’re wondering about that. It’s nothing special in that department. It’s like Neverwinter. It’s not true action-based combat, but it’s not exactly tab targeting either. You can dodge, but it’s kind of stiff and you can still get hit by stuff. 

There are a few open zones, but most of the time you’ll be fighting in instances and going through some pretty well-designed stages and hit or miss voice acting. A lot of this game has voice acting and it’s filled with bugs that were there the last time I played this game. You have unfinished dialogue, subtitles that move faster than the spoken words, and incomplete dialog that cuts off when the subtitles are finished playing. This game is also a little buggy, but it’s way more stable now than it was 3 or 4 years ago when I played it last. 

The gameplay is roughly still the same that it’s always been. The big difference is the way I unlock skills and new character classes to try. Back in the day, I had a really powerful necromancer that could wreck crap in both PvE and PVP content and I’m incredibly upset that she’s gone because I worked hard for her. Unlocking classes back then was hard, but it didn’t require as much grinding as it does today. This new way to unlock character classes seems like an attempt to force people to buy them because people like me don’t have the time to sit down and grind this one game for 50 hours per character class. 

I’m enjoying and not enjoying my time with Skyforge. I remember now why I quit the game. Some of the changes I’m not a big fan of why I do like some of the other ones. It’s easier for me to understand how many followers I have and I like the combat even though it can’t touch games like Tera and Black Desert. I’ll throw Vindictus and even Neverwinter in there too. What’s here is good and I don’t know if I feel like grinding all the way back to where I was because my old file is gone. My necromancer is gone and that was a huge blow to my confidence in this game. I don’t really like any of the starting classes and having to grind all the way to end game to unlock the class I do want to play as will be hard.

This game is cinematic heavy, but it’s honestly laughably bad. The cutscenes are filled with bugs and glitches and the unfinished dialogue made it really cringy to sit through. I ended up skipping all of the important shit and only focused on the important scenes. The stuff that actually advanced the story in some way. So, as I stated above, I’m both enjoying and not enjoying Skyforge. I’m not sure if I’m going to stick with it because my old character is gone, but I haven’t deleted off my hard drive yet. So that’s good I guess. 

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Share Your Thoughts!