Revisiting Skyrim (Special Edition – PC)

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Everyone and their mom is playing Red Dead Redemption 2 right now and I just finished putting about 2 hours into Skyrim Special Edition on my PC. I got tired of gaming on my PS4 and took a break. The last few days I’ve been binge watching some new shows on Netflix and catching up on shows that I really like. I felt like gaming today, but I didn’t want to play Dragon Quest 11 or Soul Calibur VI. Whenever I’m unsure of a game to play I go back to Skyrim. Why? Because it’s my favorite game and I know no matter what I do I’ll enjoy it. 

I had no rust whatsoever when I booted up Skyrim on my PC. It’s been about a months since I’ve done anything on my PC outside of blog and I immediately grasped the controls, created my character, and started killing shit like it was just yesterday that I played anything here. I, briefly, looked over my mods before I started playing and while I’m not sure what sort of character I want to play as this time around I know I want to wear heavy armor. I’m an Orc and at the moment I had to fight my way out of a dwemer stronghold while avoiding everything that looked stronger than me, found a nice set of Dwarven Armor (well… a bow, war axe, and helmet), and quickly made my exit. On the way to Dawnstar I found a Ancient Falmer Mace under a lighthouse. I don’t recall ever seeing this weapon in regular Skyrim so I figured it was a mod that I have that I forgot about.  

That entire adventure was the entirety of my two hour experience today. Am I going to play this game all the way through again? Probably not, but it was a really good distraction to a very boring day. I love the almost limitless amount of freedom that Bethesda games have and I have yet to have a playthrough in this game the same way twice. I love experimenting with different builds, using different weapons, mods, and everything in between. It hasn’t been that long since I last completed Skyrim. I already played through the entire game on the Switch earlier this year. I’m actually surprised that I’m playing it again. I just felt like using my PC and this was the only game I could think of playing today. 

I’m still very much in love with Skyrim. I knew that as soon as I started running around half naked with my Orc dude. There was another pointless update that forced me to update my SKSE (Skyrim script extender), but after I did that it was smooth sailing for me. There hasn’t been any major changes to Skyrim in years. It’s a complete game. My Skyrim is absolutely gorgeous to look at even all these years later. I’m using a ton of graphics mods, city mods, and character mods to make everything look as up to date as possible. One thing that’s on my to do list before I put Skyrim down this time is play through Beyond Skyrim: Bruma. It takes us back to Cyrodiil for a brand new story. It looks awesome and I can’t wait to get lost in it like I did with other expansion mods like Falskaar. I also can’t wait for the long awaited Skywind to be finished. I would love to revisit Morrowind with Skyrim’s combat mechanics and graphics. A few other mods I’ll eventually end up playing through are Clockwork, The Forgotten City (again), and Falskaar (again). I might go ahead and switch my build to a light armor one just so I can do the Thieves Guild again. It’s my favorite guild in Skyrim and has the most interesting quests/loot. 

I’m currently downloading all of the mods I mentioned while I’m writing this and I expect that I’ll be up pretty late getting lost in all of them. I don’t know what more I can say that I haven’t already said about Skyrim in the past. I really enjoyed revisiting this game and I’ll probably end up putting another 50-100 hours in it before I shelf it again. 

Since this is still a new series you can find part 1 of my Revisiting series by clicking on the link below. In that one I revisited Diablo III and had a good ole time with my rebirthed Necromancer. 

Diablo III

 I’ll, once again, end this with two questions for you. What’s a game that you revisited after some time and still loved? And what’s a game you liked that you revisited, but didn’t like after you played it again? 

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