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Revisiting The Division 2

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For the last two days I’ve been deep into The Division 2 again and… it’s still the same ole Division 2. That’s both a good and bad. Here’s what I think of it after a few month hiatus.

I have a love/hate relationship with The Division 2. I fell head over heels in love with the first game. I have over 320 hours played in it and I still revisit it despite the sequel being avialable to play. Why? Because I think it’s the better game. That’s a topic for another day though. I’m here to write about what I think of The Division 2’s current state and… it’s still the same mess that I left back in April. 

My build has been fucked over, I barely do any damage to purple health bar enemies and I get shredded on story difficulty now. I did the two new missions that Massive addded in the last patch and got killed a few times because I was outdamaged and took way too much damage from normal red health bar enemies even though I have close to 100k in armor and a lot more health than that. It’s ridiculous and I don’t feel like grinding my character up to be “good” again because I know Massive will just end up nerfing him again. It’s what they do to try and please the wrong crowd in this game. No one plays the Dark Zone, it’s hard to find raid matches because the raid sucks, and main thing the majority of this community wanted was worthwhile PvE content. Not PVP, but the nerf happened and I honestly don’t feel like playing this game anymore because there’s no point. There won’t be a point in playing this because I know no matter how strong I get the NPCs will always have the advantage. It wasn’t like this in the previous game. 

The new update added a new area, but it’s honestly disappointing. You get to go after the president and a boss that I thought we killed in the main game. It’s two short missions in an uninteresting zone because I can’t explore it. There is no open exploration like in the base game. It’s completely cut off from everything and I hate that. The rewards I got wasn’t worth the effort I put into the mission either and I was left feeling disappointed. The gameplay is still really good and I have fun when I play. I just don’t feel like my effort is rewarded because at the end of the day I don’t feel any stronger than when I started playing. And that’s how I currently feel about The Division 2. I still think it’s a great game. I really do. I don’t regret the 120+ hours I put into this game this year at all. I had fun playing through the story and getting to the end game. I just don’t like the choices that the developers made along the way and tiny community that’s left playing on PC. 

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    The Night Owl
    Aug 12, 2019 4:43 am

    It’s a real disappointment to hear that it’s still not fixed – after thinking I’d be playing this A LOT I’ve totally walked away from it now. 🙁

    • Omar Jackson
      Aug 12, 2019 11:13 am

      That’s where I’m at too. If it wasn’t for the new content update I would have never come back and I would have totally been fine with that decision. I enjoyed the first game a lot more than this sequel and put a lot more time into it before walking away. With The Division 2, I feel like it won’t get any better. It’ll keep going downhill because it’s run by developers that cater to one side of the community over the other.

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