Royal Rumble Review

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The Royal Rumble is over and what a rumble it was. We got our very first Women’s Royal Rumble and for the most part it kicked ass. Here’s my review for the Royal Rumble!

Bobby Rude vs Mojo Rawley – United States Championship Match

This match was just dumb from start to finish. I don’t like Mojo Rawley and Bobby Rude is a much better heel than face. I love that he’s the United States Champion, but what is WWE going to do with them besides let him chant GLORIOUS 50 times a match? The wrestling was solid until that botched finish, but I was bored the entire time.

Winner – Bobby Roode

Grade: D

A.J Styles vs Kevin Owens & Sami Zayn – WWE Championship Match

A.J Styles lived up to his name once again in this match. Is there anything he can’t do at this point? This match was entertaining from start to finish and was a great way for the Royal Rumble to start. The spot of the match came when Owens flipped Styles into Zayn, who ate a wicked hurricarana. That was a big “oh shit” moment for me. This match was great and I think A.J Styles could hold the belt for as long as he wants because he’s that damn good and proved why once again tonight by defeating both Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Winner – A.J Styles

Grade: A-

USOs vs Shelton Benjamin & Chad Gable – Smackdown Tag Team Championship Match

This was another really good match. The USOs are incredible. I love them them and I hope they remain tag team champions forever. This match was filled with great spots. Chad Gable did a great moonsault off the top turnbuckle and nailed both USOs on the outside of the ring. The USOs answered by super kicking Gable into oblivion to score the first pinfall. The surprising thing for me was that the match didn’t go to the third fall. The USOs swept Gable & Benjamin and beat them twice in a row. Was the ending to this match botched? It looked like Gable was supposed to jump off the top rope and break up the pin, but he landed too late. It was a great match regardless and the Royal Rumble was off to an excellent start by this point.

Winner – USOs

Grade: B+

Men’s Royal Rumble

I had a list of superstars that I wanted to see win this Rumble. Shinsuke Nakamura was at the top of that list followed by Finn Balor. I was convinced that Roman Reigns was going to win the match when he entered at number 26. I almost stopped watching the match. My brother, wife, and I cheered our asses off when Nakamura threw Roman out of the ring and won the rumble. The match excellent and had some surprise participants. Rey Mysterio is back, again, and The Hurricane made an appearance too! He was awesome even though he got eliminated almost right away. I really enjoyed the rumble this year and I’m super happy that Roman Reigns didn’t win it. The crowd reaction to Roman & Cena was classic by the way.

Winner -Shinsuke Nakamura

Grade – A

The Bar vs Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan – Raw Tag Team Championship Match

And this is where things started to get bad. The first tag team match was great. This one on the other hand was boring as hell. Jason Jordan did absolutely nothing in the match and did his best to sell a concussion that he got when Cesaro rammed him into the ring post on the outside of the ring. The entire match was a handicap match between Seth Rollins and The Bar. It was a solid match, but nothing compared to the tag team match that came before it and I really don’t like Jason Jordan. The Bar won their fourth tag team title and hopefully the next time Seth Rollins goes up against these guys it’ll be without Jason Jordan.

Winner – The Bar

Grade – D

Brock Lesnar vs Kane vs Braun Strowman – Universal Championship Match

I knew Brock Lesnar would win this match before it started. There’s a reason why I prefer Smackdown to Raw these days. This match was okay I guess. Nothing amazing happened. Kane was useless and barely did anything and I knew he would take the pin. Braun went on a rampage and carried the match. He did an awesome drop kick and knocked Brock on his ass and then charged Kane and beat the shit out of him. It was entertaining, but Braun still isn’t champion and that sucks. How long do we have to endure Brock Lesnar as Universal Champion… until Wrestlemania when Roman fucking Reigns beats him for it.

Winner – Brock Lesnar

Grade – C

Women’s Royal Rumble Match

This match was great. Trish Stratus, Lita, Molly Holly, Beth Pheonix, The Bella Twins, Kelly Kelly, Michelle McCool, Torrie Wilson, and Jaqueline all fought in this match. What?! Torrie Wilson is still sexy as ever and I think I have a crush on her again. I thought the Vickie Guerrero segment was dumb as hell and that spot could have went to another superstar on the roster, but I really enjoyed this match. Amber Moon even made an appearance and the crowd went nuts when her and Asuka started fighting each other. In the end it was the Bella Twins vs Sasha Banks vs Asuka and my girl Asuka won the match and will be heading to Wrestlemania to fight one of the two champions.

Winner – Asuka

Grade – A

Ronda Rousey Makes Her Dubut in WWE

Ronda Rousey showed up after the Women’s Rumble and faced off with Charlotte, Alexa, and Asuka. The crowd went nuts and I honestly don’t care. Ronda Rousey is a washed up UFC fighter that can’t take a punch and now the WWE is going to cater to her and let her be the next big thing. I want to see what she can do before I judge her so her making an appearance didn’t matter to me.

This was the best Rumble I’ve seen in years. I really enjoyed both Rumbles and the first half of the show was excellent. The Royal Rumble finished really strong and I can’t wait to see what happens leading up to Wrestlemania this year.

The Verdict – A-

What did you think of the Royal Rumble this year?

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  • Reply
    The Otaku Judge
    Jan 29, 2018 1:36 am

    I am pleasantly surprised by the Rumble winners given that WWE doesn’t usually do a good job of handling Japanese talent.

  • Reply
    Jan 31, 2018 12:22 pm

    Great review! I personally lovedddd Ronda Rousey coming to the WWE but I thought she would have appeared as the number 30 entrant. I don’t think Roman is going to get the title from Brock, but I’m pissed Braun is not champion. It’s so infuriating… I feel the same as you about Jason Jordan, he needs to get away from my husband Seth and stop bringing down his performances. I’m not quite sure why the Bar gets the titles for another time, but I can say that this was the first match I wasn’t made Seth lost. Maybe now they’ll part ways and please, PLEASE wwe, DO NOT MAKE ROLLINS FEUD WITH JORDAN!!!!

    -Luna 🙂

    • Reply
      Feb 02, 2018 12:24 am

      I feel bad for Seth Rollins. He’s been reduced to working with Jason Jordan and I have a feeling that he’ll be fighting Jason Jordan at Wrestlemania :(. I’m not a Ronda Rousey fan. I think WWE is going to let her win a belt that she doesn’t deserve. She just got there and she’s already going to a Wrestlemania match and I think that spot should go to a woman that deserves it more. I’m also pissed about Braun Strowman not winning the belt. When is WWE going give the monster amongst men a run with the gold. He would be a great champion.

    • Reply
      Feb 04, 2018 7:05 pm

      Seth WILL feud with Jordan, when they finally break them up. His Heel turn has been one of the weirdest storylines so far, though he does generate some very strong heat because people just hate his guts. I liked him during the American Alpha days, but the current daddy’s boy thing is not my thing.

      I didn’t like the Ronda segment because I felt it took the spotlight away from Asuka’s Royal Rumble win. Let her show up at a later date, a special “Asuka choose your opponent” special. Also, only Undertaker and Triple H get away with the silent “point to Wrestlemania” thing. Ronda just looked weird not saying anything.

      As for Brown Snowman, I want him to have a good feud with someone, not these “let the big guys punch each other” thing, they have with Brock. Brock will remain champion until Mania, when yes, Roman Reigns will win the title from him. If Braun then feuds with Roman and topples him for the title, it’ll make him an even bigger star.

      I really don’t have a problem with Reigns as a wrestler, he’s pretty solid. I have issues with his subpar mic skills though, which is why I enjoyed the mini feud with Cena, because he had to up his game and really improve.

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