Ryan Tannehill Told Teammates To “Enjoy Their Practice Squad Checks”

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The drama for the Miami Dolphins continue as another story broke out not to long ago. The Miami QB, Ryan Tannerhill, reportedly told his practice squad teams to enjoy their practice squad checks because they were intercepting his passes too much during practice.

If this is true, and it probably is because of how viral it’s gone already, then Ryan Tannehill is a real douche and needs to be sat down and yelled at by the Dolphins new intern head coach.

ryan-tannehill-11514-getty-ftrjpg_1hhfgs3wpshq31x84myjy2eehfJoe Philbin apparently knew about the issue and did nothing. He told the practice squad players to go easy on Tannehill so he’ll keep his confidence. In my opinion this guy has too much confidence. Ryan Tannehill is not an elite QB and he’s playing like shit this year. Going easy on him is not going the help him play better.

That’s assuming anyone really wants him on the team. When I watched the Dolphins play they didn’t look like they wanted to be out on the field. Suh was sluggish and missing tackles all day long. He didn’t want to be on the field and everyone knows it. Something needs to happen in Miami if they want to stay relevant. I said before the year started that Miami was the weakest team in their division, but they could at least put some effort into proving me wrong.

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Share Your Thoughts!