Saints Row IV My Coop Experience

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saints-row-4-wallpaper-646x325I’ve never played played Saints Row IV cooperatively with before and since there was a free weekend with the game Lunaliah decided to download and play it with me. I’m glad she did because the experience that we had together was amazing. We went around town driving, listening to music, and causing trouble for the aliens everywhere. Sadly we didn’t have a chance to get our superpowers together but we did manage to do quite a few quests together and most importantly we had a lot of fun. Saints Row IV has really good co op. You can either go your separate ways and do whatever you want to do in the city or stay together and complete some quest or just drive around the city singing along with the songs that are playing.

Saints Row IV definitely has great co op. Most games like this have a completely different multiplayer instead of having full co op in the story missions. This really took the already high replay value that this game has up for me. I want to play through the entire game again but with a friend this time around. Lunaliah only had a chance to play about 2 hours with me so we didn’t get far into game at all. I will be picking up another copy of the game shortly so we can finish our playthrough. I was really surprised that we could just do whatever we wanted in the game together. Things like buying clothes, fixing my car, or just getting a new tattoo. Playing cooperatively brings a whole new way for us to engage the aliens in battle. One of us can charge them while the other comes up from behind and ambush them. Or we can just both charge in there and start whooping some ass. Either way works for me.

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