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Scream Episode 1 Review

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I was eating breakfast and randomly decided to watch the new Scream tv series. 

The first episode of Scream was many things for me. It’s predictable, has questionable acting skills, another female main protagonist, another random dude that tells everyone how everything will play out, and it went from being boring to pretty good by the end in my opinion.

The show started off pretty straight forward. People that are to old to be teenagers, but are playing them are doing your typical teenage things until the first victim, well… victims, die and their world as they know is turned upside down.

That is one dumb looking mask…

The thing is that I never once cared about what was going or who would die next. You’ve got your typical slasher film cast of characters in this TV show and I don’t know if I’m going to bother sticking with the entire season because I don’t really like anyone yet.

There was a fair amount of suspense throughout the first episode, but it was poorly done in my opinion. I liked how the scene with Emma’s mom played out and I am curious to find out more about her and her mysterious past because right now all we have is a pretty weird kid that’s very similar to Randy from the old Scream movies from back in the day.

The end of the episode was pretty cool, but overall I think the first episode was just okay. It was nothing great and doesn’t make me want to binge watch this show like I’ve done with Person of Interest, and The Following. It remains to be seen if I’ll stick around for the remainder of Scream.

Hopefully the next episode will be much better, but somehow I doubt it will get better.

This is off topic, well… sort of, but what is up with that stupid looking mask that the killer wears? I prefer the old one.

Have you watched Scream? What did you think of it?

The Verdict: 


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