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Scream Season 2 Review (Spoilers)

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Scream is back with another season and it wasn’t bad. It wasn’t great, but it wasn’t bad… 

I binged the entire second season of Scream in one day. It’s 12 episodes long and it’s better than season 1, but not by much in my opinion. The majority of season 2 is really good, but I was letdown by the big reveal of who the killer is this time around, but I love the fact that it kept me guessing throughout the entire season on who the killer was. I was convinced that Kieran’s weird ass cousin was the killer.


The show actually went out of it’s way to show us some of the weird shit that this kid was into so that played a part into it. Then they tried to convince that Audrey was the killer, but I wasn’t buying that shit because I love her too much for that to happen. I mean I know she’s pretty dark and has done some pretty stupid shit, but she’s not a killer.

This season was a little more creative than the first one. I love how everyone died in this season. It was pretty brutal, but so creative when compared to season 1. This new killer was also much more brutal than season 1’s and I love that. By the end of the season I was legitimately wondering who the killer could be because I really didn’t want it to be the obvious answer… but it was.

Kieran is the killer of season 2. That didn’t surprise me because he always seemed to show up out of nowhere shortly after the killer tried to kill someone. He’s always there without giving good, or any, explanations at all.


I was really disappointed with the big reveal, but also liked it because it’s a throwback to the classic Scream movie. I knew it was only a matter of time before we got a boyfriend killer so I’m glad they got it out of the way. The big surprise was that Kieran confessed to being in love with Piper. It turns out that the creepy cousin wasn’t so creepy at all, but was made to look that way because of Kieran. He died so I guess that doesn’t matter anymore :).

I realized towards the end of the season that I don’t like Emma. She was really annoying this season to me. I wouldn’t mind if she was killed, but I know you can’t really have a show without her… unfortunately. All of my favorite characters survived season 2 and that alone is enough for me to watch season 3 when it releases. I’m also really curious to find out who called Kieran in prison. We all know it’s not Piper so the only person I can think of is Brandon James.

Season 2 was really solid even though I wasn’t crazy about the season finale I really hope season 3 fills in some of the questions I have that were never answered in season 2. My biggest question is why is Ms. Lang so interested in Emma? That wasn’t really addressed at all in Season 2, but I think we’ll have the answer to that question soon.

Do you watch Scream? What did you think of season 2?

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