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Shadow Warrior 2 Review

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Lo Wang is back… and he kind of sucks this time around.Β 

Shadow Warrior 2 is a really fun game with fantastic gameplay, but it tries too hard to be funny and Lo Wang is a poorly written character that I wish wasn’t in the game to begin with.

The Great:



This is one of the best looking games to release this year, but it does have a few weak points. All of the character models look terrible, but all of the weapons, monsters, and environments look fantastic. Shadow Warrior 2 is also worked flawlessly from the moment I started playing it.

I stopped exploring a few times to just look at the beautiful world around me and the excellent soundtrack only added to that experience.


Shadow Warrior 2 is a mix between Doom, and Borderlands. It’s fast pace, non stop action will undoubtedly remind you of the latest Doom game that released this year, but the various amounts of guns, and swords will remind you of Borderlands, but Shadow Warrior 2 isn’t as good as either of those two games.

The gameplay is superior to both and at times this game plays much faster than Doom, but it lacks depth in certain areas of the game.

It’s Optimized Very Well:

Shadow Warrior 2 is hands down the best optimized game of 2016. I had zero bugs and never dropped in FPS on any of the setups that I played this game on. The first setup that I tried was my usual gaming rig and it ran on full ultra settings at a perfect 60fps. The second rig that I played the game on was a old laptop that I never use, but I ran the game on high/medium settings with a lowly 920M. If that old thing can handle this game I’m pretty sure whatever you’ve got can too.

The Good:


The soundtrack in this game is fantastic. The opening theme is one of my favorite songs that I’ve heard this year. Every stage that I played had a nice melody playing in the background and it really added to the experience. A good soundtrack can make or break a game and this one easily adds to it in my opinion.


The customization is pretty good here. You don’t find different armor sets or anything like that, but you do get rewarded some pretty badass guns, and swords. There’s a level up system now and I can put the points I unlock into different skills like health, or a particular sword skill to make the game a little easier.

The Bad:



Lo Wang is on another adventure! And I’ll be surprised if anyone cares at all. The first Shadow Warrior, well… the remake anyway, was genuinely funny, and had a okay story too, but this one is just bad in every area. I never cared about the girl stuck in my head or what would happen to her if I failed my mission. I just wanted to kill some more shit because that’s where the strength of this game is. Every time I had to go back to town and watch a cutscene I got bored and just wanted to skip the cutscenes.


I was really disappointed with overall sound quality here. None of the weapons in the game sounded really good. Guns lacked the oomph that should accompany them and they all sounded the same to me. Shotguns were incredibly disappointed because instead of hearing a big boom I just heard your average gun sound. Swords sounded really good, but that’s not enough for me. Especially since I went through most of the game shooting shit in the face.


Usually if a game has a bad story it makes up for it in some way. Side quest are important in a game like this. Borderlands 2 had some of the best/funniest sidequest I’ve ever done in any game. Shadow Warrior 2’s sidequest are incredibly dull, and boring. I ended up skipping the dialogue once I realized that the sidequest had me doing the exact same thing. I had to go to some small area, find a key to unlock a door, and kill a bunch of dudes or monsters. It was very unsatisfying to say the least.

Replay Value:


There’s not much replay value here. The multiplayer portion of the game is okay, but there are better FPS multiplayer games out there that does this formula a lot better than Shadow Warrior 2. It’s a really fun game to play, but I don’t see myself returning to it any time soon or at all which is a real shame because this game has a lot of potential.


And this is what killed the game for me. I was playing on the hardest difficulty because, like Diablo, it’s supposed to drop better loot on higher difficulties. That happened, but the majority of the loot I found was complete shit. I didn’t find guns, or swords by killing monsters or looting chest. All I found was money, and components to slot into my weapons and armor. There’s almost no point in opening treasure chest in this game.

The Verdict:

Shadow Warrior 2 has fantastic gameplay, but that can only keep me interested for so long. It’s lack of a story or interesting sidequest will ultimately keep me from returning to this game in the future. If I want to play a great FPS/multiplayer game with great loot I’ll go back to Borderlands 2. If I want a great single player game with fast paced action I’ll go back to Doom. Shadow Warrior 2 is good and I hope that the developers can build on the formula that they have here and give us something really great in the future.

Get this when it goes on sale guys.


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