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Should Multiplayer Only Games Be Priced At $60?

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There are a ton of multiplayer only games to choose from these days and all of them are priced differently. I’m not here to write about those. I’m here to write about games like Battlefront, and Overwatch. 

Some big news happened about Overwatch today. Apparently it’s coming to both the Xbox One, and PS4. That’s big news because we know those consoles, especially the PS4, can use some new games, but it also comes with a catch… it’s $60 and that got me thinking about multiplayer games in general and whether or not I think it’s fair to charge us that much money to play a game that doesn’t even offer us a campaign of sorts.


I played the Battlefield beta and it was fun. I really enjoyed myself and graphics blew me away, but at the end of the day it’s not a day one purchase for me because it doesn’t have a campaign like the previous Battlefront games. Instead we’re getting short missions that we can play online or splitscreen with someone. It’s nice that we’re able to do that in Battlefront since there aren’t many games that let us do that anymore, but when Lunaliah and I sat down and really thought about Battlefront we realized that it’s not worth $60 to play a few missions together in a multiplayer only game.

Games like Diablo III cost half as much and is twice as fun to us. Overwatch looks like it’s a really fun game too, but the same thing applies to it. I’m not going to throw $60 at it just to play a game similar to Team Fortress 2. I understand games like Call of Duty, and Battlefield being $60. I will never buy a Cod game for that much money, but I understand it because they do have single player campaigns to go along with the multiplayer aspect of the game, but when a game doesn’t give us a campaign of any sort and just expects to play the same game modes over and over again I question whether or not it’s worth it in the end. My answer is a no, but I know there are people that would disagree with that.

I’ll put down $30 for a good multiplayer only game. I did it for Plants vs Zombies Garden Warfare and I don’t regret it. That game was a lot of fun to play, but I will not support a multiplayer only game that cost $60.


I don’t look at MMO’s the same way because there’s usually a lot of content to go along with the price tag. MMO’s are rarely $60 to buy anyway. The only MMO I ever purchased for that amount of money was Guild Wars 2 and that was one of the best games I’ve ever played.

Multiplayer only games are hard to sell because at the end of the day a good amount of us want more then fast paced multiplayer action. I’ll take Halo, or Gears of War for their co op campaigns over Titanfall or Battlefield any day because it’s more fun to me.

Multiplayer games are good and they offer a few hours of fun for me, but I know when it’s all said and done they’re very short lived. Just look at Evolve and Titanfall.

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    Nov 05, 2015 2:50 pm

    I most certainly get where you are coming from but we should be careful when we just apply a label to all games. When we talk about worth many games maybe aren’t worth $60. Multiplayer only games and single player only games can both be worth it depending how good they are. Halo 5 many people have argued is essentially a multiplayer only game due to the shortness and quality of the story but they still love it for the online aspects (enough to pay half a million dollars in micro transactions in a week). It just all depends what kind of gamer you are. Some people just like the online style (shooters in general are basically all online besides your Gears of War example). So for them $60 will be worth it.

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      Nov 05, 2015 3:17 pm

      I get where you’re coming from, but I stand by my opinion :].

      I liked Titanfall, but it only lasted me 20 hours if I’m to be completely honest here. I don’t hate multiplayer games or anything like that, but I don’t see how devs can justify their price tag when the replay value is next to none.

      Evolve killed itself with it’s DLC. Almost all the players left the game and the few that remain will defend it to death.

      Games like Deathtrap, it’s a tower defense game that plays like Diablo, is built around multiplayer because the harder stages in the game can only be done in a good team, but it’s only $20 on Steam and it doesn’t have $100 worth of DLC.

      The old Guitar Hero had some of the best online play I’ve ever experienced because I love rock/metal music and it appealed me, but games like Overwatch doesn’t offer much in terms of content and justifying a $60 price tag to anyone would be a challenge for them. I can get both Diablo III, and Reaper of Souls for $40.

      Sorry for the wall of text. I tried my best to make it as short of a reply as possible and thanks for reading :].

      As far as being careful goes I never am with my opinions. People either like what I have to say or they don’t and that’s completely fine with me :].

      • Reply
        Nov 05, 2015 3:34 pm

        You make a lot of valid points. I agree that they are for the most part over priced. I think its more of a corporate and stock holder decision. If the makers are able to charge $60 corporate probably sees no reason not to charge it.

        • Reply
          Nov 05, 2015 3:47 pm


          I guess when it comes to multiplayer games I’m more for games like Diablo, Path of Exile, etc over the latest FPS titles. I do really enjoy Borderlands, and Gears, but I rarely put $60 towards any game. because I mainly game on PC and it’s really cheap :]

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    The Otaku Judge
    Nov 06, 2015 2:21 am

    It depends on the genre. Like you I don’t mind paying full price for an MMO, but I wouldn’t for a shooter that doesn’t have a single player campaign.

  • Reply
    Nov 06, 2015 6:51 pm

    If Battlefront had a campaign of some sort I would buy it day one because it’s a lot of fun, but I know I won’t stick around for multiplayer only content for long and that’s why I’m going to wait for it.

    Titanfall and Evolve, especially Evolve, died really quickly because they both lacked content and Evolve depended on it’s dlc way too much. .

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