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Should Sega Get Back Into Making Consoles?

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I don’t know what made me think of this, but would it be cool if Sega got back into the console race? 

Do you remember when Nintendo and Sega were the big dogs in town? If you’re older then 15 you should. Everyone I knew had a Sega Genesis or Snes in their home and they all owned either Sonic or Super Mario. It was a golden time to be a gamer back then in my opinion.

I was lucky enough to own both Sega Genesis and Snes and the Snes, to this day, happens to be my favorite console of all time. The Sega Genesis isn’t to far behind it though.

Sonic The Hedgehog

If Sega decided to come back I think it would surprise a lot of people, but in a good way. Sega has done some pretty stupid things with their franchises lately, but releasing a new console could be seen as a step in the right direction. Sony, and Microsoft has gotten a bit lazy, in my opinion, with their exclusives and they’re both pretty stale right now.

Sega has a wide list of games that could make a big comeback on a new console. Shining Force, Sonic, and Phantasy Star are probably the most notable series that Sega has produced, but there’s also Beyond: Oasis, Streets of Rage, and the Shinobi games. Add some third party support and Sega would be rolling in the dough in no time.

Does Sega have enough money to make this happen? I think they do, but I could be wrong. I’ll just straight up name the console that I want from Sega because it’s one of my favorite consoles of all time.

Give us the Sega Dreamcast 2 Sega! It would be a dream come true for many people if this happened. Sega used to be a great company that made fantastic games all year round. Now… we get games like this:

Go back to making great games Sega. I don’t think I can stomach another mediocre Sonic game from you.

I know it’ll probably never happen, but I would love to see Sega come back to the console race. It would spice things up and make the competition actually try to give us quality exclusives. What do you think? Do you still love Sega enough to buy a console if they ever released one again?

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Share Your Thoughts!