Nintendo Switch Top Ten Best Games Top Ten List

Since Everyone Thinks I Hate Nintendo Switch Exclusives Here Are My Favorite Switch Games!

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I recently made a comment on Facebook and Twitter stating that I haven’t played a system seller yet on my Nintendo Switch. My Facebook friends took that as me not liking my Switch so I’m here to clarify my recent comments and list my absolute favorite Nintendo Switch exclusives! 

The Nintendo Switch has a lot of games. I love my console (despite what some of you may think) and I’ve always thought that the best Nintendo games released on their handhelds. Yes, I love Zelda… well… the older Zelda games and I love Mario as much as the next guy, but I just couldn’t get into Breath of the Wild (even though I played through it on the Wii U and put 60 hours on the Switch version), Smash Ultimate, and Mario Odyssey the way everyone else did. To me, they’re all overrated and disappointing. That doesn’t mean I hate those games though. I just don’t consider them to be the best games on the Switch. So what are my favorite games on the Switch right now then? 


I will not be including non-exclusive games on this list. These are ONLY Switch exclusives so games like Octopath Traveler is disqualified from my list. 

5. Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors released at an odd time for a lot of people. It released about a week before Mario Odyssey. I ended up buying both of them and I actually liked Fire Emblem Warriors more than I did Odyssey. I’ve put well over 100 hours in this game and it’s one of the best games on the Switch to me. The roster is good even though there’s not enough unit diversity for me. 

4. Super Mario Bros U Deluxe

I was really bummed when this game was announced on the Switch instead of the superior Super Mario 3D World. That being said I still really enjoy playing this both by myself and with my kids. It’s Mario and it’s fun. What more is there to say (erm… write) about it?

3. Pokken Tournament

One of the most underrated fighting games of all time is Pokken Tournament. This game is absolutely incredible. It has a great roster of Pokemon, great gameplay, great multiplayer, and a decent story mode too. I really, really enjoy playing this one. It’s even better on the Switch than it was on the Wii U. The Switch version gave us the full roster that Japan had and even added two new fighters with Blastoise and Aegislash.

2. Xenoblade 2

From the moment I booted Xenoblade 2 up I knew I was in for something special. This was my favorite Switch game for a long time before I played the next game on my list. It has everything I looked for in a great JRPG. A great story, characters, world, and gameplay. It was really long too and has a steep learning curve, but once I mastered the mechanics I could easily beat enemies 20 levels higher than me. This game is something special and I highly recommend it to those of you that like meaty JRPGs. 

1. Fire Emblem Three Houses

The Nintendo Switch finally has a console seller in my opinion. Fire Emblem Three Houses is absolutely incredible and is by far my favorite game on the platform right now. My first playthrough took me about 60 hours and I still have to play through the other two houses. If they’re as interesting as the Blue Lions route I’m in for something special. Fire Emblem Three Houses is my favorite Switch game… at least until I get my hands on Pokemon Sword & Shield. This game also booted Mario Odyssey off my list. 

And that’s my list. Those are my 5 favorite Switch games. I don’t hate my Switch. It’s the opposite. I love it to death. I just refuse to put games like Breath of the Wild and Odyssey on pedestals when I don’t think they did much special. So my list will undoubetedly be very different than your average best of Nintendo Switch list and I’m okay with that. 

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Share Your Thoughts!