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SkyUI Not Being Ported Over To Skyrim Special Edition

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The most essential mod for every PC Skyrim player will not be ported over to Skyrim Special Edition. 

SkyUI is more than a simple UI overhaul for Skyrim. It adds much more than that, but I’ll stick to the basics here. SkyUI overhauls the UI of Skyrim and is the basis for which other mods depend on to work. You can’t use certain mods without SkyUI installed in your game.

SkyUI adds so many different things to Skyrim that most players, including myself, can’t play Skyrim without it. It made the game that much better for us and the fact that it’s not being worked on is bad because that means we have to stick with that shitty UI that Bethesda didn’t even bother to change in Skyrim Special Edition. They did the least amount of work possible in this remaster for PC users even though they’re depending on us to sale the game on consoles.


SkyUI adds a mod option menu in Skyrim that allows you to configure your mods any way you want. You can turn off certain features that you don’t like or just lower them so they’re not too extreme for you. It’s a essential mod for other mod authors because it lets them add configurations to Skyrim that would not have been possible without SKY UI. Mods like Frostfall, Deadly Combat, Immersive Armors, Equipment Overhaul depend on SkyUI to work properly. That’s a just a small list of hundreds, possibly thousands of mods, that simply won’t work without this mod.

The mod author did say that if someone does the work for him that he’ll add it on his page and update it so it would work on Skyrim Special Edition, but the odds of that happening right now are very slim because we don’t even have a updated version of SKSE yet and that’s going to take a few months at least to release.

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