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Skyrim Mod- Falskaar Review

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If there was ever a unofficial expansion for Skyrim then Falskaar is it. This large mod adds a brand new area to Skyrim called Falskaar. You may find the quest in Mzubthand. Here is a short description of the story that takes place in this mod:

“For the first time since the party’s arrival in Falskaar almost 600 years ago, a portal activates deep within the ruins of Mzubthand, and the player steps through, arriving in Falskaar. They are denoted ‘The Traveler’, based on an old prophecy.”

FalskaarFalskaar adds roughly 20 hours of brand new content for you to explore. You’ll find many new quest and even a main quest within the mod itself. Falskaar has two new spells, and one new shout for you to learn, new items, books, and even weapons, and armor sets for you to find. A bard that has new songs to sing about Falskaar. 14 brand new songs for you to listen to as you roam around Falskaar and most importantly the entire mod is fully voice acted by quite a talented team of people.

This mod feels like it’s part of the normal game and that’s what’s so awesome about it. When I’m playing Skyrim I don’t look at this mod as being a mod like I do with other quest mods. It’s been implemented very well in to the core game and it’s lore feels natural. In order for this mod to work correctly it’s best for you to wait a few hours before attempting to start the quest or else you might experience a few bugs during the quest that takes you to Falskaar. To start the quest you must go to Riften and talk to Jalamar. He’s never in the same place so just look around The Bee and Barb and he’ll most likely be in there drinking something.

Falskaar-Skyrim-ModFalskaar does not have a level requirement. You can start it as soon as you start your game if you want to. It uses Skyrim’s scaling system on all the enemies you’ll encounter so you don’t have to worry about it being too hard unless you have mods that increase the difficulty of your game like I do. Falskaar is a great mod for Skyrim and the quality that has been put in it is amazing. This team of modders worked really hard on this and their hard work definitely paid off.  If you’re looking for a new adventure to be had in the land of Skyrim then look no further then Falskaar. It’ll keep you busy for at least 20 hours and make sure you like and endorse the mod if you enjoyed it.

Our Verdict: 8/10


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