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Skyrim Mod Showcase – RaceMenu Comes to Special Edition, Nordic Ruins Makeover, and A New Companion!

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My mods showcase is officially back! 

Modding is what blew my blog up. If I’m not talking about or making videos I’m sharing awesome screenshots or showcasing my favorite mod authors over at the Nexus. Here are some neat looking mods I found while navigating the Nexus.


RaceMenu is an essential mod for Skyrim. It makes the game more PC friendly and adds a ton of extra options in the character creator. Some mods will only work with this mod activated and this mod will only work with SKSE. I love RaceMenu and back when I played the original Skyrim I always had this mod activated in my game. I’m glad it’s made the switch to Special Edition. This does more than simply change the look of interface in the character creator. It lets us adjust our character’s height, skin tone, have multiple tattoos, etc. It’s a great mod that adds so much to Skyrim that I don’t recommend playing Skyrim without it. It helps (along with Sky UI) make Skyrim a PC friendly game while removing the ugly console interface. That alone is worth the download.

Kaidan 2

Kaidan is a fully voiced follower with his own unique questline. He’s excellently voiced and even has a badass trailer too. Take a look –

You can easily tell how hard the mod author worked on this mod. It’s great work and it’s refreshing to see a mod like this with a male lead since 90% of them are about females. To avoid spoilers that’s all I’ll say about this mod. Download it and enjoy it.

Skyland Nordic Ruins

Skyland Nordic Ruins adds new textures to all of the Nordic ruins found around Skyrim. It also overhauls the Orc strongholds found throughout Skyrim. The visuals are incredible and describing it won’t do this mod justice. Just watch the video below and decide for yourself if it’s a mod worth investing in –

I’ve played through Skyrim many times and mods like this help it feel fresh. I highly recommending downloading and seeing it in game for yourself. It’s glorious.

Since I’m just getting back into this I wanted to keep it short and sweet. Remember to tell the authors of these great mods how much you appreciate their work by commenting or endorsing their mods on the Nexus or wherever you find them.

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  • Reply
    Aug 13, 2018 7:16 pm

    Good! Got sick of RaceMenu causing the game to CTD at startup.

  • Reply
    Aug 13, 2018 7:17 pm

    Just waiting for Requiem to make the jump to SSE.

    • Omar Jackson
      Aug 13, 2018 7:25 pm

      Requiem or Skyrim Redone would be nice.

      • Reply
        Aug 14, 2018 8:50 pm

        Technically there is a way to make it happen, but it’s a bit complicated and involves some messing around with Creation Kit and SSEedit. Personally, I’d rather just wait.

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