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Skyrim Special Edition Is Horribly Optimized on PC Right Now

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I haven’t put a lot of time in this Skyrim remaster for a few reasons. The performance is right at the top of the list. 

There’s no reason why I should be getting FPS dips from a 5 year old game. Skyrim Special Edition doesn’t look that good, to PC standards, and it runs like complete shit. I haven’t been able to hit a stable 60fps with a 980. I can run The Witcher 3 on full ultra settings with my setup so I know for a fact that I should be able to run this game flawlessly.

I did figure out a fix of sorts to this problem. If I disable my G-sync I get about 10-15 extra FPS. It helps, but I shouldn’t have to do that. The game ready driver only made my performance worst. I was getting about 40-45 fps before I downloaded the driver today and now I’m barely averaging above 30.

Bethesda needs to release a patch asap because this shouldn’t be happening right now. I love Skyrim. It has a very special place in my heart and I want to praise this special edition, but I can’t. It’s not optimized very well, and doesn’t look better than a slightly modded Skyrim. I love that’s a 64 bit game now, but it’s not a very enjoyable game to play at the moment. I don’t mind playing through vanilla Skyrim again since I got the SkyUI mod working for it. I do mind the terrible performance though and that’s keeping me from jumping into it the way I want to right now. Fix your shit Bethesda!

I guess I’ll go back to playing Dragon Quest VII on my 3DS for awhile. Who knows when this game will be fixed…

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Share Your Thoughts!