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Skyrim Special Edition Sexy Edition Part 2!

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I’ve got a few post that I’m bringing over to my site. This is one of them.

Nude mods are NOT available on consoles. Don’t know why I bother typing this every time. It’s not like anyone reads it :). 

Amorous Adventures

This is the perfect example of how this mod works 🙂


I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve had a lot of fun with this mod. This mod adds romance to Skyrim. I’m not talking about romance that leads to marriage. I’m talking about a good one night stand with excellent voice acting, and a well-done quest system too. You’ll go from doing the pic above to this –

Of course, things got awkward for me during that moment because Camilla’s brother decided to interrupt us by walking upstairs and watching the whole thing.


Better Males Remesh

This next mod goes great with the one above. You don’t want to undress and have your woman laughing at you because you forgot to mod your trousers off :). Now they can tell everyone in Whiterun how hung down low you are.

Pretty Girl Body

You don’t want to go around town ploughing the vanilla NPCs of Skyrim. Trust me on that one. This mod retextures their skin and gives them the overhaul they need.

Bijin NPCs

This mod goes perfectly with the one above. It goes perfectly with Pride of Valhalla too which is the current mod I’m using on my female bodies. If you want your women to have nice fair skin use this mod. If you want them to have some muscles use the other one.

Flower Girls

What if your Dovakhin is too tired to partake in sexual activities around town? Fear, not my good readers I have a solution for your ailments! Introducing flower girls. These young lasses will do whatever you want. If you do get your energy back from slaying all those dragons they’ll be happy to include you in your daily “activities” :).

Merta Black Rose

Want a nice sexy outfit to wear for your female character? Here you go.

Adult Slideshow in Loadscreen

What better way to get ready for a sexier Skyrim then this mod? This mod adds a bunch of beauties to your loading screen. If you game loads as fast as mine you’ll probably never see a single character, but the option is there dammit!

And that wraps up my Skyrim Special Edition Sexy Editon Part 2!

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  • Reply
    Aug 11, 2017 12:11 pm

    I’m waiting until SKSE gets updated for the Special Edition. Until then, I figure the mods will improve and become as numerous for the Special Edition as they did for the 32-bit edition. I had a lot of mods for that one, and it pained me to remove them along with the game. But once the Special Edition is along enough in the modding community, there will be my chance. Until then, it gives me an excuse to play other games.

    An example of a mod that won’t work without SKSE related to that Amorous Adventure mod (one of my favorites for normal edition). The OSA/OSEX engine. Only the Clean version can be used for Special Edition. I’m waiting for SKSE to be update for the Special edition along with OSEX so that everything can be used. Unless I’m missing something, I don’t think it can be utilized without SKSE. Although that 3rd picture makes me think otherwise.

    I was originally using SexLab mods. Plus the Civil War mod and the Dragon mods, most (if not all) of which require SKSE.

    • Omar Jackson
      Aug 11, 2017 1:20 pm

      Are you talking about Warzones when you said Civil War mod? That’s on Special Edition. There are other mods that add to the civil war too, but I honestly don’t use those.

      My sex animations isn’t from the amorous adventure mod. I’m using the Flower Girls mod. It from the same person that developed animated prostitution. Special Edition’s modding scene has really improved. Some modders have found ways to use their mods without SKSE.

      • Reply
        Aug 11, 2017 2:06 pm

        There was a Civil War Overhaul mod, which made the Civil War scenario much more interesting, with more diverse battles with more people with different weapon and armor types, sometimes creature allies (on either side), and the battle could be won even if you got KOd during the fight. You don’t die if you win or lose, but the odds of winning are better if you survive longer and take out more enemies. Territory control is kept track of via the maps at the bases you must go to prior to getting involved in a Civil War battle. Each time you lose a territory, it is marked as such on the map. If you win, that is tracked too. Eventually, you will win or lose the civil war, and the proper scenario/cutscene will happen accordingly.

        It was a very buggy program which got better over the years, but it was worth it with the immersion it brought. Now it looks like the user took down all that stuff. He also did a Dragon Overhaul mod and a couple combat/shout/magic mods. Not sure why he took them down. Must’ve gotten fed up with receiving negative feedback about the bugs or something.

        Well if it’s not there, then hopefully someone else will come along to try and re-create it. It had a lot of potential and brought a much-needed dimension to the Civil War portion of the game. He claimed to have made the code based on unfinished code put into the game.

        Civil War Overhaul.esp

        The user’s name on is Apollodown. And it looks like his account no longer exists on Nexus. Well shit.

        • Omar Jackson
          Aug 11, 2017 4:18 pm

          I think I know what mod you’re talking about. I don’t remember the name of it though. It’s a shame that Apollodown removed all of his/her mods from the Nexus. That goes to show you how some people’s negativity can impact modders. They’re doing all of this free and don’t have the budget that developers do to iron out all of the bugs that their mod could potentially have. I do know that there are other war mods out there that make the civil war more interesting. I can’t think of any of them at the moment, but I’ve seen them on the Nexus.

  • Reply
    The Otaku Judge
    Aug 17, 2017 11:59 pm

    I suddenly am interested in playing Skyrim. Are these mods available on console?

    Hehe, just kidding 😉 People do read the disclaimer.

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