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Skyrim Special Edition – Xbox One/PS4 Mods To Have

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I’ve done some research into the console modding on Skyrim Special Edition and found a few mods that I think are worth your time if you decide to mod your game. 


There are no nude mods here. Consoles DO NOT support nude mods i any way. If you want to check out some PC nude mods just click here

Climates of Tamriel

Platform – Xbox One


The most downloaded weather overhaul mod of all time is available on the Xbox One. Climates of Tamriel is a really awesome mod with great support from the mod author. It completely overhauls the weather in Skyrim and adds some really nice graphical overhauls to the game too. This is a must have mod in my opinion. Especially if you want your caves to be dark like they’re supposed to be instead of so bright.

Alternate Start – Live Another Life

Platform – Xbox One

Are you tired of playing through your execution sequence at the beginning of the game yet? If you are download this mod. It’s fantastic and offers a vast amount of options for you to start your new life. My personal favorite is being attack and left for dead. You can even start off as a vampire, a home owner, or just a guest at one of the many inns in Skyrim.

Unofficial Skyrim Special Edition Patch

Platform – Xbox One

This is probably the biggest mod on this list. The unofficial Skyrim Special Edition patch fixes a ton of overlooked bugs that Bethesda never got around to fixing in their game. This mod fixes hundreds, maybe even thousands, of small bugs and makes Skyrim a more enjoyable experience.


Platform – Xbox



Do you want to experience a more harsh world? Frostfall does a lot for Skyrim. It gives us the ability to set up camp anywhere in the world, adds harsh environmental effects to our character and can even kill us if we’re not properly prepared to adventure in the cold, harsh lands of Skyrim.

Hardcore Difficulty

Platform – Xbox, Playstation 4


Since I couldn’t find a good combat overhaul mod I went with this one. Hardcore Difficulty : no milkdrinkers is for people that love to play on the legendary difficulty. This mod makes the legendary difficulty more fair by making you do the same amount of damage as your opponent. You’ll still die quickly, but so will they and that makes all the difference.

Of the five mods on this list on a single one is available on the PS4. This is not intentional or any of the mod authors fault. If you want to blame someone blame Sony for their harsh restrictions on modding. Modding Skyrim, or any game, on consoles will never be as robust as it is on the PC. Most of the really great mods that I can recommend are on the PC platform, but the ones above are all great and will make Skyrim more enjoyable for you.

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Share Your Thoughts!