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Skyrim – Spell Research Mod is Unlike Any Magic Mod I've Ever Tried

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There are many magic mods on the Nexus for Skyrim. Each of them has a unique way of enhancing the magic system in Skyrim, but none of them have done something like this. 

Spell research adds an entirely new way of playing Skyrim. Instead of having to buy spells off of vendors to learn new ones you can simply spend time researching them. This adds new ways to roleplay in Skyrim and makes having a scholar character possible.

Alchemy characters will also benefit from this mod because it adds new ways for us to break down our alchemy ingredients. The system that appeals to me the most is researching my own spells. I can see my character spending weeks at home trying to master the arcane arts by actually studying them.

Spell research is a really good mod that’s kind of flown under the radar on the Nexus. I wouldn’t have found it if I wasn’t looking around for some new magic mods to try out for my mage.

This mod actually goes pretty well with no spell tomes. No spell tomes removes the spell tomes from the leveled list. Obviously this mod won’t cater to everyone, but if you want a completely new way of playing Skyrim I recommend at least trying it out.

It should be noted that I’m playing the original Skyrim. I uninstalled special edition some time ago and decided to wait until it got better mod support. I can’t play Skyrim without skse and some essential mods that only work with it. I have no idea if this mod works with Skyrim Special Edition.

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    Jan 09, 2017 11:23 pm

    Já fiz em outras possibilidades esgotamento e
    também nunca senti esses sintomas, onde faço é lugar recomendado e serio.

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