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Skyshine’s Bedlam Review

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I really wanted to love this game. It borrowed a lot from The Banner Saga, but isn’t as story driven or interesting as it. It’s actually quite boring. 

The Good:


maxresdefaultEverything looks really good in Bedlam. While I was driving through the wasteland and watching the scenery pass by, like in The Banner Saga, I was really impressed with the graphics. It doesn’t reach the excellence of The Banner Saga’s graphics, but it gets the job done. In battle everything looks really good and I didn’t run into any glitches whatsoever in my 10 hours that I spent in the game.

Upgrading My Rig Is Cool:

In Skyshine’s Bedlam you’ll spend 80% of your time in a giant vehicle that can be upgraded by collecting power cells. You can use these power cells to decrease the amount of time it’ll take for your crew to recover from wounds in battle, decrease the amount of fuel that your vehicle burns each turn, and various other things.

The Bad:


This game had tons of potential, but just collapsed on itself in the first few minutes that I started playing. Unlike games like Xcom, and The Banner Saga there’s little to no point in the gameplay mechanics in this game. Taking cover is useless because I can’t shoot from cover with my crew. You have to stand out in the open like an idiot while you shoot. Snipers only have 2 hp and can only take a few steps before they run out of moves. Instead of everyone on the map getting a chance to act you can only move one character twice, or two characters one time.

Skyshines-BedlamThis means that you’ll potentially have two, three, or even four party members that barely do anything every match. It’s a stupid mechanic that annoyed me throughout my entire playthrough. Watching my rookie units rank up to veterans is awesome because they get awesome new outfits to wear along with increased hp, and damage. Imagine a game of chess and you’ll have the gameplay of Bedlam. I don’t like chess, but if you do then you might like this style of gameplay.


In Skyshine’s Bedlam you’re tasked with leading the people across the wasteland to the rumored utopia called Aztec City. There is no deep narrative here. We don’t get to know our crew or passengers so why should I care about them? Why should I feel bad for trading 200 of them for some much needed fuel for my gigantic Dozer? If a squad member dies, which is often, I simply replace them with someone else because I don’t care about them. The Banner Saga was filled with excellent storytelling that captivated me from the moment that I started playing the game. Skyshine’s Bedlam is the complete opposite and only gives up random challenges while we attempt to reach Aztec City.

The Verdict:

Skyshine’s Bedlam had the potential to be a great game. It’s uninteresting story, and really stupid gameplay killed any hype I originally had for this game. That doesn’t mean that the game can’t get better with patches, but even if it does that doesn’t mean that the core gameplay mechanics will change. I’m still going to be stuck with a sniper that can’t shoot anyone three paces away that’s literally standing right in front of him.


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  • Reply
    Sep 18, 2015 5:57 pm

    Well i like the art direction…

    • Omar Jackson
      Sep 18, 2015 8:50 pm

      The art is fantastic… everything else is a letdown :]

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