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Some More Xcom 2 Screenshots

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I’m still working on my Xcom 2 review. I decided to share some more screenshots with everyone. 

2016-02-15_00041 2016-02-15_00038 2016-02-15_00037 2016-02-15_00035 2016-02-15_00034 2016-02-15_00026 2016-02-15_00025 2016-02-15_00022 2016-02-15_00013 2016-02-15_00011 2016-02-12_00028 2016-02-15_00029 2016-02-15_00036 2016-02-15_000472016-02-07_00011 2016-02-06_00022

The only real issue that I have with Xcom 2 is with the FPS. Hopefully we’ll get a patch really soon because I would like to run this in full 1080p without having to worry about the FPS dropping below 15.

Share Your Thoughts!

Share Your Thoughts!

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