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Something Interesting Happened To Me While Exploring in Fallout 4

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I’ve been playing Fallout 4 on and off for quite some time now. I’m about 30 hours into my second playthrough and I already have a pretty great story to tell. 

I found this place called Dunwich Borers in the middle of nowhere. I figured it would be worth checking out since I’m trying to maximize my affinity with Strong, and Curie. When I got there all hell broke lose. It was filled with bandits using a variety of different weapons against me.

I found some decent loot on the bodies, but nothing worth replacing my good ole sniper rifle with so I kept moving. Right when I was about to leave I saw a door leading undergound. Inside was a bit tough for my guy since I have little def. I let Strong charge and aggro everyone while I stayed back with Curie and popped off some headshots with my op sniper rifle.

Usually a place like this wouldn’t be very memorable for me and it wasn’t for about 20 minutes until I opened a door deep into the cave that I was in. As soon as I opened the door my character started hallucinating. I saw what the place was like before all of the ghouls and bandits took it over. When the brief scene ended I was back in the cave staring a pack of ghouls.

After I killed them I had to collect my thoughts. This place was no longer a forgettable location with your average bandits and loot. It had a story to tell and it was showing it to me through brief hallucinations. After I made it to the very end I was treated to another hallucination. This time I saw named npcs all gathered around each other talking. As I approached the hallucination ended and I was right in front of those same npcs, but instead of them being friendly humans they were feral ghouls trying to rip my throat out.


Their leader mutated into a legendary enemy and dropped a pretty sweet weapon that does radiation damage to enemies. When I got to the center of where the npcs where standing in my hallucinations I saw some water. I took some Rad-X and dove in. At the bottom was a really neat looking melee weapon called Kremvh’s Tooth and it does heavy bleed damage to everything. It’s too bad I’m not a melee character, but I could always change that if I wanted to and this weapon is really making me want to.


That’s my Fallout 4 adventure for the night. It was short, but really awesome. It’s not everyday I get to walk away with unique legendary loot and I even got to experience some really cool moments that has never happened to me before. I might jump back on after I’m done writing this so I can test out my new weapon or I might not. I wonder what else is out in the wasteland waiting for me to accidentally discover it.

If you’re wondering how I’m travelling around with both Strong and Curie it’s because I’m using a mod. You can find it here.

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Share Your Thoughts!