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Soul Calibur VI Review

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Here’s my promised Soul Calibur VI review! How good is the latest game? Is it better than V? 

The Great:


Soul Calibur is back and it’s better than ever! The Soul Calibur series has always had great gameplay. It’s arguably the best it’s ever been in this game. It plays smooth, looks, great, and it’s easy to get into. You don’t have to be a master of fighting games to get into this. You can jump in and have some casual fun and it’ll reward you for it. Yes, there are things combos that only advanced players will get, but, like with every fighting game, if you practice you’ll get there too. This game is fun. My personal favorite fighters are Nightmare, Hilde, Cervantes, and Mitsurugi. Hilde is, sadly, not in this game. I tried out Ivy for the first time in forever and fell in love with her moveset so you can add her to that list too along with Geralt of Rivia. My most used fighters in Soul Calibur 6 is Geralt, Ivy, and Nightmare. It’s a shame that we’re missing so many fighters, but I’ll get more into that later.

 You have your basic horizontal and vertical attacks. You also get a block and kick button. Simple moves, like Igni, can be used by moving forward and pressing triangle, but you can also perform a more powerful version of this move if you use some of your soul gauge. Be careful with that though because you might want to save that for your powerful critical edge attack that can easily take a good chunk of someone’s health down or power yourself up for some devastating combos to perform. Soul Calibur VI isn’t an incredibly deep fighting game, but it does reward hardcore players that take the extra time to learn their favorite characters moveset. 


Soul Calibur games has always been very beautiful. This one is the most beautiful one yet. The character models look absolutely stunning and so the stages. It’s the little things that make this game so great. If you fight on the Snow-Capped Showdown stage you’ll see the condensation (when you breathe when it’s cold outside) from the character’s mouth. It’s awesome and the little things like that make this better to me. This wouldn’t be a Soul Calibur game without some clothes flying off of everyone. You can literally beat people near naked in this game and it’s glorious. I’ve won a fight with nothing, but my underwear on.


The soundtrack is fantastic. I love it. I think my favorite tune is the one that plays while you’re selecting a character. It’s very catchy and some times I purposely take a little while to choose my character because I want to hear that song. The voice acting ranges from good to bad. It’s mostly good, but some people, Xianghua, sound really bad and the fact that there’s an entire story dedicated to her almost drove me crazy. Geralt is probably the best voiced character in the game and it’s shame that he didn’t have a bigger part in his story. 

Libra of Soul:

Libra of Soul is your created character’s story. This mode has a full story, tons of dialogue, quests, weapons to collect, and friends, and enemies, to make. It’s the best mode in the game is where the majority of my time went. The story is pretty long. When I thought it was over it wasn’t. I love this mode and I wish that I could make my created character look cool, but I can’t because all of the cool customization items are locked behind a pay-wall. Libra of Soul is like the RPG version of Soul Calibur. I can literally spend all day playing this mode and it’s a nice distraction when I don’t feel like playing multiplayer. 

The Good:

Soul Chronicle:

Soul Chronicle is the story mode in Soul Calibur VI. It’s decent enough, but pales in comparison to Libra of Soul. Soul Chronicle tells the story of every character in the game alongside the main story that focus on Kilik’s journey to defeat Nightmare. The stories range from okay to average at best. Even Geralt’s story wasn’t that good. He had nothing to do with the events that were happening and his main goal was just to get back to his own world and continue his Witcher work. It was incredibly short and disappointing. I thought Voldo’s story was pretty good and I enjoyed Nightmare’s story too. I haven’t played through every story yet, but I’ve done a good chunk of them. 

There’s also an arcade mode that rewards you currency for buying new armor and lore out of the museum. Once I got all of the customization items that I wanted I didn’t bother with the currency anymore. 

The Bad:


I’m not one to usually complain about microtransactions in a game. I’ve actually defended them on multiple occasions here and over on Twitter. The microtransactions in this game are not good. Not only did Bandai make the decision to withhold a completed character as day one DLC they also locked over 100 pieces of customization items behind their season pass along with future fighters. I’ve never been a fan of the kind of DLC that fighting games have. To make more money they force us to buy characters that we’ve played with before for free. I didn’t like it in Street Fighter V and I don’t like it here. I had to buy Guile in Street Fighter V. I’ll most likely have to buy Hilde in this one. Tira should not be DLC when I can fight her in Arcade Mode. Why am I fighting a character with a complete moveset that I don’t own! It’s unacceptable to me.

Character Creator:

The character creator here is good. It’s not the best one I’ve ever dabbled in. Saints Row 2, Black Desert, and Skyrim (with mods) have that title for now. Do you know what those games also have? Good customization that isn’t locked behind a pay-wall. The amount of customization items available if you don’t own the season pass is laughable. We already have to pay for our characters. Why make us pay for our costumes too? I’ve only created a single character and that was because I wanted to try the Libra of Soul mode. I’m not going to make another one because I’m not going to pay them for access to something that should have been included in the base game. 

The Verdict

Soul Calibur VI is a great game and is leagues better than both Soul Calibur IV and V. The only real issue I have with the game is with the microtransactions. Locking a character as day one DLC is a shitty practice and locking all of the customization in the popular character creator behind a pay-wall is bad. There's no excuse for it. Outside of those two complaints I have nothing, but praise for this game. It plays beautifully, runs like a dream on the PS4 Pro, and I love the Libra of Soul mode. Soul Calibur VI is one of the best fighting games this generation, is a legit game of the year contender, and I'm happy it's back!

Final Score:

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  • Reply
    Brandon Green
    Nov 28, 2018 12:32 pm

    Great review. I agree with pretty much everything here. I’m not a fan of the DLC structure fighting games have but it is how it is. I complain about them but I buy them anyway because I want more content. 🙁
    I’m looking at you Tekken 7 Season 2.

    • Reply
      Nov 28, 2018 1:21 pm

      Thanks! I’m the same way. I hate the fact that I’m pretty much forced to buy the season passes because I want to play as my favorite characters. Street Fighter V has an insane amount of DLC from BGM to 3 season passes. It’s crazy.

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