Splinter Cell Blacklist First Impressions

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splinter-cell-blacklist11 I finally had a chance to play some Splinter Cell Blacklist yesterday and I really, really enjoyed the two hours my nephew and I put into the game. If you’re an old school Splinter Cell fan like myself then you’ll love this game. It’s more stealth based this time around and even when you think you have to go in guns blazing there’s always another route. You might have to look for it but It’s there.

  Splinter Cell Blacklist doesn’t just cater to the core Splinter Cell fans though. If you’re just getting into the series like my nephew then you’ll fit right in. I’ll be honest with you guys Splinter Cell Blacklist is awesome so far. I’m not crazy about the new voice actor they got for Sam Fisher but he’s not god awful. He’s just average. He also sounds a lot younger but I guess that’s what they were going for.

The gameplay is smooth, and responsive. The enemy a.i. is better but not perfect. I killed someone in front of his partner and the other just stared at him for a good thirty seconds before he decided to try and yell for help. He was dead by then but I thought it was funny to see how long it would take the for the a.i. to realize I just killed his partner.

I for one can’t wait to jump back in Splinter Cell Blacklist. I had a lot of fun playing this with my nephew last night and I can’t wait to experience more of this game. I hope you enjoyed reading this and if you did i’ll have more for you real soon.

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Share Your Thoughts!