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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Review

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The Great:


The soundtrack in this game is fantastic and stayed that way the entire time I played. The voice acting is… okay at best. It’s not that the voice actors didn’t do a good job it just felt like they were reading from a script. Especially the main protagonist. He’s supposedly tired and sounds just fine. He’s running on a train exploding with shit happening all around him and he’s talking like the person yelling at him from their ship is right next to him. It wasn’t good and that bothered me the entire time I played.

The Good:


Fallen Order is a very beautiful game. But it’s also a very buggy one too. I’ve had my lightsaber float around my character’s body, I’ve fallen through the earth to my death, crashed to desktop, and my fps rarely stayed at 60 throughout my 20-hour playthrough of the game. It’s a mess right now and I’m glad I didn’t buy this. I rented it with Origin Premier and still felt like I paid too much for it.

What it does do right is the lighting and animations. They’re both absolutely fantastic. I could stop and stare out from atop that giant ass tree in Kashyyk. It’s stunning and the fact that this game is not running in Frostbite tells me that EA will allow other developers under them to use the engine they want. The animations here are smooth and look really good. I don’t like the way the main protagonist runs or swims though. It’s just… weird. The human character models look great while the animals only look okay. There were times when I was blown away at the amount of detail that was put into some of the areas that I visited, but then I remembered I actually had to play through them and got depressed because the stage design in this game is terrible.

The Bad:


I never cared about the story in this game. Yes, the production value is really high and you can tell that some serious cash went into making everything look, and sound, really good. The problem is that most of the time the story doesn’t go anywhere and every character, except one, is dull and forgettable. The main protagonist is boring and annoying and I just wanted the game to be over.

The main protagonist does nothing but whine and complain for a good portion of the game and it felt very… Disneyish. I hate the new Disney Star Wars films and I got that feeling from the story in this game. It’s not good so I was hoping the gameplay would carry the game since it’s basically a Star Wars Soulsborne game. I was wrong.


I mentioned that the combat in this game is like Dark Souls. It is. It’s just really, really bad in comparison to the later Souls games. This game’s combat is absolutely terrible and can be serviceable at times. Your character will rarely do what you want him to do and attacking enemies feels very wild and floaty when compared to Dark Souls III and Bloodborne’s combat. Fighting isn’t all you’ll do in this game though. It’s clear that Respawn was inspired by games like Tomb Raider (or Uncharted if you prefer), Dark Souls, and Metroid (or Castlevania) when they came up with this game. This is a Metroidvania platformer with Dark Souls gameplay.

You even have to rest at certain meditation points (basically bonfires) to recover your lost health, healing stems, and force points. Doing so will respawn all of the enemies on the map. This mechanic felt unnecessary especially when you consider how poor the skill tree is in this game. You don’t learn new interesting force powers as you did in Knights of The Old Republic. Instead, you learn how to throw your lightsaber, increase your health, force points, and make your three force powers a little stronger by investing multiple points into them. Nothing is really that impressive.

Platforming and solving puzzles also play a big part in this game and they’re both equally average and frustrating. Since your character controls so badly I often found myself fighting with him to head in the right direction and even when I did jump he would fail to grab onto a ledge to pull himself up resulting in me falling and having to do the entire thing over again. Nothing feels as it should in this game when compared to games like Tomb Raider that did it incredibly well.

The puzzles are also annoying because I just didn’t want to do them. Why? Because none of them were very interesting to me. Running around and trying to figure out how to solve a puzzle didn’t feel rewarding to me. It just slowed the game up to a crawl when I just wanted it to be over. I don’t think mixing so many different genres together worked in this game.

Stage Design:

This game is a Metroidvania. That means you’ll spend most of your time backtracking to areas you’ve already been so you can get to a new area with your newly acquired force power, or item that you found in a completely different zone, or in this case planet. The problem is that none of the planets except one was interesting to me. It was a long and boring experience for me from the getgo that only got good for two out of the twenty hours that I played.

When I knew I had to go back to Zeffo I sighed in disappointment because I didn’t want to. I didn’t want to experience the shitty stage design or fight my way through the enemies again just to see another average cutscene about nothing. It all felt like padding to make a short game longer than it should be.

The Verdict

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order tries to be a lot of things and doesn't excel at any of them. It tried to be Dark Souls and failed miserably. It tried to be a good platformer and Metroidvania and failed. The only thing this game got right was the soundtrack. Yes, the game is pretty, but it's also really boring and repetitive. My expectations were low coming in this and even then this game still managed to disappoint me. The combat is average at best, the platforming is terrible, and having to revisit every area was not fun for me. Star Wars should not be a Metroidvania. Fallen Order is an average game. It doesn't really do anything that hasn't been done better in any of the other games that it tries to be. Just play one of those and save your money. This isn't the Star Wars game that you think it is.

Final Score :

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  • Reply
    The Night Owl
    Nov 24, 2019 1:15 am

    Though I’m on the other side of fence and like the game, I also agree with the flaws… especially the combat. Kudos to the developers on FINALLY giving us the Star Wars game we all wanted but it could have done with some extra polish.

    • Omar Jackson
      Nov 25, 2019 10:52 am

      I wouldn’t call it the Star Wars game I wanted. I wanted another RPG since we haven’t had one of those in 15 years. I am glad that EA actually allowed one of their developers to make a single-player game without tacked on multiplayer (looking at you Dragon Age!) and forced MTX. Here’s to hoping they let Bioware use Unreal Engine and get away from that Frostbite Engine too.

      The combat was bad. I started off playing on the hardest difficulty and then dropped it to normal mode because I wasn’t having fun. I enjoyed small sections of the game, but that wasn’t enough for me to say I liked it. I’m glad you did though!

      • Reply
        The Night Owl
        Nov 25, 2019 4:06 pm

        I’m relieved that others are also saying the combat is bad because the comparisons to Dark Souls (which I’ve not played) would have put me off trying that franchise too. I would have preferred that aspect of the game to be more Batman or Devil May Cry instead.

        • Omar Jackson
          Nov 25, 2019 9:41 pm

          I have over 300 hours in Dark Souls III and I can assure you that it plays a LOT better than Fallen Order. It’s not even comparable. It’s like a B-grade version of Dark Souls combat at best. Fallen Order tried to be too much instead of focusing on one thing imo. I’ve seen people comparing it to God of War a lot lately. I never got those vibes from playing it.

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