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Starbound First Impression

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Starbound has officially released after 4 years in early access. I have about 22 hours in the game so far and I decided to share my official first impression with everyone. 

The first you’ll probably think about Starbound is that it’s just Terraria in space and you’ll be pretty spot on, but also a little wrong too. Starbound is more then a simple Terraria clone. It’s true that it borrowed a lot from Terraria in terms of its’ gameplay down to how crafting/digging goes, but it’s got it’s own identity.

The developers could have simply made a complete Terraria clone in half the time if they wanted, but they gave us a fully fleshed out game with it’s own unique features that helps separate it from Terraria and right now I prefer it over Terraria, but that’s mostly because it’s newer than Terraria. I don’t actually think it’s better than Terraria yet because I don’t have enough time invested into it to make that decision.

Instead of creating our own world like we do in Terraria after we create our character we’re thrust right into a prologue with our character and have to escape Earth before it’s destroyed. Our first official mission is to repair our ship, but in order to do that we’ll need materials that can only be found in the planet’s core. Starbound gave me a massive amount of freedom to do what I pleased and I loved it.

The soundtrack is nice, the gameplay is better than Terraria’s in my opinion, and I love the more futuristic setting of the game. I found some sort of ray gun that froze my enemies in place quite early on in the game and I felt like a complete badass until I got murdered on the moon by some really weird looking aliens about 10 hours later.


Building a house is cool, but customizing my ship is even better. I don’t really see a point in building massive structures on a planet since I’ll be traveling across the universe in my ship. I brought a house for my pet crab, some food and I’m working on upgrading my ship so I can start recruiting new members to fill it up with since I’m pretty lonely in there right now.

Starbound is great so far and it’s going to take me a really long time to complete it. The galaxy map is huge and I’m hoping that every planet I land on is unique and not bland and lifeless.


If you’re tired of Terraria or are just taking a break from it you should consider Starbound. It’s fun and if you’re good at Terraria you’ll understand this game in half the time it’ll take someone completely new to. Hopefully I’ll have a review up for this game in the next week or two.

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    Aug 03, 2016 2:57 am

    Building a base somewhere is actually pretty important too. Allows you to fame and make more food which is very helpful on harder difficulties. You can also make a colony that allows npcs to move in that pay rent, give quests, and may eventually join yoir ship team. You can craft a flag that let’s you teleporting straight to it as well. Makes it easier to return and upkeep

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      Aug 04, 2016 10:02 am

      Sorry for the late response.

      I figured that out shortly after I wrote this first impression. I spent the next 20 hours building homes on different planets. I created some pretty neat looking homes too. I’m really enjoying the crafting side of things in Starbound :].

      Thanks for commenting.

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