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Starbound Review

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After 60 hours of gameplay I’m ready to give my thoughts on Starbound. 

Everyone calls Starbound Terraria in space, but when you separate the two games and look at each of them objectively you’ll notice that they’re actually very different games.

Starbound was influenced by Terraria, but it’s not a Terraria clone. It actually does quite a few things better than Terraria and it’s focus isn’t on boss fights and grinding for better loot. It’s about exploration and adventure and it succeeds in that in my opinion.

The Great:



The first I noticed when I booted up the game was how amazing the opening song was. It was very soothing to me and helped set the tone for the rest of the game. It only got better from there. As I explored my first planet I was treated to some amazing background tracks. It was the same for every planet that I visited once I was able to.

The guns in the game sound good, but it’s nothing that’ll blow your mind. The melee weapons are the same. The real high point of the sounds is the soundtrack and since music is constantly playing in the background it’s a major bonus that it all sounds really good.


The things that I can craft in this game is unbelievable some times. If I want to build a hatch to go in my ceiling for when I teleport down from my ship I can. If I want to craft a Samurai styled home for my fish people to live in I can do that too. If I want to make a swimming pool out of green goo and fill it with acid I can do that too. The crafting menu in this game is deep and some of the mods I have installed make it that much better. I’ve spent countless hours just building my own settlement from the ground up and it was a lot of fun because I had unlimited freedom while I was doing it. I never wanted to do things like that in Terraria, but Starbound, to me, was made for it and it’s done really well.

Crafting buildings isn’t the only neat thing Starbound has going for it. Crafting my own potions, weapons, armors, bombs, and even snowballs is great and easy to do. I was never short on materials because of the vast amount of planets that I had access to. If one planet was low on a resource that I needed I’ll simply teleport back to my ship and go to the next planet.

The Good:



Whether or not you like the gameplay in this game depends on how you go into it. If you’re a hardcore Terraria player you’ll probably be expecting this to be more of a arcade styled game. Starbound has decent gameplay, but I prefer Terraria’s over it for many reasons. Boss fights are solid, but easy as hell if you have the right equipment. The gameplay itself is really simple. You can left or right click to attack enemies. If you’re using a two handed sword right clicking will perform a special ability. If you’re using a one handed weapon you can use right click to block with a shield or you can put a pistol in the other hand.

The loot that you find is randomly generated and it’s a good and bad thing in my opinion. I never found anything that wowed me like I did in Terraria. There are some impressive weapons and armor sets in the game, but my favorite set isn’t even part of the main game. I went through the entire game wearing armor from Dark Souls and it was awesome.


Starbound looks really good. Everything from the armor sets to the sunset in the background was beautiful and I stopped and just watched, on more then one occasion, the change from sunrise to sunset. Diving down in the depths of the ocean and watching all of the fish swim around was great.

The Bad:



The worst thing that the devs did was give this game a story that you have to do. The great thing about Terraria is that I can create a random world and it’ll be different every single time. In Starbound you can’t do that so my experience will be the same as everyone else’s. The story was really bad in my opinion. After awhile I didn’t even pay attention to it because I didn’t care what was happening in the game. I just wanted to get back to building my settlement and doing some side quest.


The A.I. in this game is terrible. I was so excited to get a crew for my ship, but when I realized how dumb they all were it quickly became a chore to do anything on my own ship. Every time I beamed up everyone would run to me and not let me do anything. They would literally surround me and make simple actions like opening a door or trying to access my storage locker a impossible task. When I did take someone down to a planet with me they would constantly get in my way or fall too far behind and not be any use at all.

I eventually got rid of everyone and went around the galaxy by myself in a really big ship. It was much more fun that way.

The Verdict:


Starbound is a great game for the price. It doesn’t have as much content as Terraria, but that’s because Terraria has been a full game for much longer than Starbound. Exploration is where this game shines. Finding new planets to colonize is fun. This is a very relaxing game that I can spend hours upon hours in. I have no doubt that Starbound will continue to grow and add new features, and content for us to enjoy.


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Share Your Thoughts!