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Super Mario Odyssey Review

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Super Mario Odyssey is the first 3D Mario game we’ve had in a long time. So how does it fare against previous games in the long-running series? Read on to find out what I think of Super Mario Odyssey. 

The Great:


I’ve never played a Mario game that plays poorly. Even the old Super Mario 64 and original Super Mario Bros. still plays excellently in my opinion. This game is no different, but it is at the same time. Nintendo has found yet another way to keep Mario relevant by introducing a new simple mechanic that turned this game from being a simple Mario game to something insane. Mario’s new gimmick here is his cap. You can throw it at enemies and take control of them. Have you ever wanted to play as a Goomba? How about a Bullet Bill? You can play as both of them and more in this game and it’s a lot of fun. I had many laughs out loud moments with my kids while playing this game.

Mario controls excellently. He’s animated perfectly and is easier to control than ever before. This game took platforming to new heights and the creativity that went into every detail of this game is nothing short of amazing. Nintendo did an excellent job and I think every hardcore and casual gamer alike will have a great time playing this game. For the first time in this long-running series, there are great boss fights. They still require your usual three hits to defeat, but they’re so much fun to go up against. My favorite boss fight is in the ruined kingdom. I won’t ruin it for anyone, but it was a lot of fun.


Nintendo proves once again that you don’t need super powerful hardware to make a beautiful game. Odyssey looks fantastic. Every area in the game is designed really well and no Mario game to date has looked better. The most impressive feat to me is that it’s not all sunshine and rainbows in this game. Some worlds are dark and gloomy while others are really colorful. I love the world that’s made out of food. This game made me feel like a kid again and I love it for that.


It doesn’t surprise me that this game sounds amazing. Every Mario game does, it’s the little things that stand out to me the most here. When I go underwater the soundtrack would fade out while I’m underwater like sounds do in real life. It’s nothing new to the Mario series, but it’s been refined here. Mario, even though he says his usual lines, sounds fantastic and I really appreciate the Minions approach to the dialogue in this game. It’s a great way to get around voice acting because I don’t think there should ever be a voice acted Mario game. It’s perfect the way it is. The soundtrack is easily one of the best I’ve heard all year long and I even enjoyed the goofy voice acting by all of the NPCs.

The Good:


Mario has access to many different costumes. You start off in his iconic uniform and quickly unlock access to different clothes throughout the game. I’m currently playing as Dr. Mario, but my favorite costume is the one you buy in New Donk City. I love seeing Mario all dressed up like a boss while he woohoos his way across rooftops.


This is a Mario game so I obviously didn’t go in with high expectations for its story. It’s a funny little story all the way up to the end with a disappointing, but funny, ending. I liked watching Mario get close to Bowser only to be smacked down and tossed aside until he finally catches up with him and defeats him. In the end, we all know how this story ends. Mario rescues Peach until the next time Bowser decides to kidnap her. It’s fun to watch, fun to play, and I had some good laughs out of it. What more do you expect from these games?

The Bad:

End Game: 

After completing Odyssey I was happy. I rescued Princess Peach and restored peace to the many kingdoms that I had traveled across along the way. The only thing left to do is collect over a thousand moons while unlocking new costumes and the dark side of the moon. None of that interests me in the slightest. Collecting moons is fun while I’m out getting to the next world, but, just like in Breath of The Wild, it’s pointless. The dark side of the moon is just me battling the same rabbit bosses that I had already fought multiple times before, but this time it’s in zero gravity. After you do that and collect 250 more moons, you get access to the darker side of the moon with more obstacles for you to clear with only a single life. This is just filler for a really short game. Collecting hundreds of moons isn’t my idea of fun. In Super Mario 3D World I unlocked many new stages and even a new character for completing the game. In this game all there is to do is find new moons…

It’s Really Short:

No Mario game is super long, but this one feels shorter than many of the recent Mario games. My family has over 200 hours in Super Mario 3D World. We’re not going to get the same amount of play time out of this one because there isn’t much to do after completing the game. I could always start a new file, but that would mean deleting all of my progress and starting from scratch. I don’t think I want to do that just yet.

The Verdict:

Super Mario Odyssey is a great game. It doesn’t have many flaws. It plays perfectly and I enjoyed it from beginning to end. That being said I’ve enjoyed almost every Mario game ever made from beginning to end. This is one of my all-time favorite game series and I’m a huge Super Mario fan. This game is a good Mario game, but it’s not the best Mario game to me. I prefer 3D World to this game for its gameplay and multiplayer. Odyssey is great, but it’s no masterpiece.


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  • Reply
    Nov 08, 2017 8:51 am

    I’m still getting through it, but I’ve seen a consistent critique that the end game is lacking. Perhaps I’ll have some pull to look for more moons, but no cool end game scenario is a bit of a put off

    • Reply
      Nov 08, 2017 1:48 pm

      I already shelved Odyssey. It was fun for a playthrough, but it’s really lacking in content in my opinion. I’ll go back someday and replay the game again from scratch, but I’m not into moon collecting or fighting those rabbits again on the moon.

      Good luck on your moon hunt :).

      • Reply
        Nov 15, 2017 6:14 am

        Some of the moon hunting has lost its flavor but I try to get as many as possible before moving on to keep it fresh

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