What N7 Day Means To Me

Mass Effect has been around for 10 years and I thought I would write a little something about it since I’ve been gearing up to get ready to tackle all four games again.  Continue reading “What N7 Day Means To Me”


Dragon Age Inquisition Goes To The Deep Roads With The Descent

EA has announced new story mode content for Dragon Age Inquisition. This new story content will take place in the Deep Roads.  Continue reading “Dragon Age Inquisition Goes To The Deep Roads With The Descent”

Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Could Be Getting A Reboot!

I really hope this true because if it is what little social life that I have will end once this game comes out.   Continue reading “Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic Could Be Getting A Reboot!”

My Top 10 Dragon Age Companions

I think my favorite thing about Dragon Age has always been the companions we meet along the way. As I was playing through Inquisition [again] I couldn’t help, but think of all of the companions I miss playing as and talking to. I thought of Shale murdering every bird in the game, and Zevran making a witty remark about something I’ve done in the past. This is my list of favorite Dragon Age characters.  Continue reading “My Top 10 Dragon Age Companions”

Dragon Age Inquisition – Xbox One Screenshots

Dragon Age Inquisition has been my go to game this month while I wait for the Witcher 3 to release. I decided to share some of my screenshots directly from my Xbox One.  Continue reading “Dragon Age Inquisition – Xbox One Screenshots”

Star Wars KOTOR 3 – Will It Happen?

One of my all time favorite games is Star Wars Knights of The Old Republic. Both part 1 and 2 told amazing stories, but we never got a complete ending and many fans, including myself, were left with many unanswered questions about Revan. Continue reading “Star Wars KOTOR 3 – Will It Happen?”

Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshots

I just recently made a new Qunari Mage in Dragon Age Inquisition. I decided it would be a good idea for me to share him with everyone.  Continue reading “Dragon Age Inquisition Screenshots”

Dragon Age Inquisition Review

After putting more than 100 hours in the new Dragon Age game I think I’m finally ready to review it. Continue reading “Dragon Age Inquisition Review”

Dragon Age Inquisition First Impression

It’s been a really long wait for the next installment to one of my all time favorite game franchises. The first thing that I noticed when I booted up Dragon Age Inquisition is how jaw dropping beautiful it is. Continue reading “Dragon Age Inquisition First Impression”

Games I’m Currently Playing

I’ve been on a bit of a gaming spree lately.  My kids aren’t home and I’m just enjoying the freedom that I have… for now.  I started playing through Dragon Age Origins again. Dragon Age is just one of those games that I never tire of. I can go back and play through it again and again.  Continue reading “Games I’m Currently Playing”