Lets Talk About Divinity: Original Sin 2!

The only game I purchased last month was this one and I forgot to write about it because the last 100 hours of my life has gone into playing this game everyday since I bought it.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Divinity: Original Sin 2!”


Divinity: Dragon Commander On Sale

Divinity: Dragon Commander is on sale for only $ 13.59. The Imperial Edition is on sale for $15.29. Divinity: Dragon Commander has you take to the skies as a dragon. You don’t simply have a dragon pet you are the dragon and your goal is to take the land for yourself.

In Dragon Commander you must consult with your advisers. Each of them have a different way of doing things. This gives the game some replayability because you can play through the game a again but make different decisions along the way. Dragon Commander has some impressive visuals and is a unique game in itself. It mixes a lot of things together that aren’t usually together in a strategy game and for the most part they work.

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