Lets Talk About The For Honor Controversy!

The year just started, but it’s already full of gaming controversies. Mass Effect, Zelda, and For Honor immediately come to mind, but For Honor is in the most difficult position in my opinion and I decided to address the issue with everyone.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About The For Honor Controversy!”


For Honor Review

There’s a new fighting game on the block and it’s pretty good. Continue reading “For Honor Review”

For Honor First Impression

Happy Valentines day everyone. What better way to spend Valentines Day then beating the living shit out of other people with your loved ones? This is my first impression of For Honor! Continue reading “For Honor First Impression”

Hit or Miss – February 2017

There weren’t many games that on my radar that releases in January. This month is different so I decided to make my first hit or miss of 2017. Continue reading “Hit or Miss – February 2017”