The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Review (Updated)

My review of The Witcher 3 has been updated for both Hearts of Stone and Blood and Wine!

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Why I Think The Upgraded Consoles Aren’t Good For Console Gamers

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Lets Call The Next Hitman Game What It Really Is – Early Access

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The Witcher 3 First Impression

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Classic Friday! Spider (1997)

Hello again, Minions! Welcome to another installment of Classic Friday with your beloved Mistress and Future-Ruler-Of-The-World, ThatLady. This week I shall cover one of my nostalgic childhood favorites!

Press Start


Spider (1997) was a 3D side scrolling game where you could control a spider with questionable amount of acquirable artillery. In this game you play a spider created from SCIENCE where the scientist transfers his thoughts to his experiment, like a mind remote. Being monitored by the company he works for, they swiftly swoop in and beat/kill the scientists. Luckily, he can still live through the spider to seek out his revenge. All one inch of it. (Insert “That’s What She Said” Joke)


playstation-35064-11316065870 (1)   This game had pretty much what you’d remember from video games back then; lives, a health bar, and a status overview. The spider view on the bottom center shows off what attacks and upgrades you’ve collected. You can acquire anything from missile launchers, flamethrowers, blades, boomerangs, poison gas that strangely works like flamethrowers… anything your arachnid-fearing heart would ever desire. Hm, maybe I should have put more thought into the ending of that sente– SPIDERS! That made me giggle just a little.



The one thing I can always say about this game is how much I like the stage designs. They always seem to capture the mood and/or the overall theme of each location you visit. The music in this game is still pretty great. In Spider, your collectables are these little chromosomes, pick up a certain amount and you gain an extra life. Y’know, the usual.


spider12   The enemies in this game ranges from other insects like wasps, other spiders that explode when killed, and some other creepy crawlies. There are also birds and the perilous elements like water, fire, and electricity. As what comes expected from a spider, your means of conveying through these levels spans farther than just holding the left and right directional buttons. You can also climb walls and ceilings, even drop down from a web and swing yourself to another platform!

I feel like even for a Playstaion game Spider‘s graphics still hold up today even if it looks less like a spider nowadays than when I was a kid. It still plays well, overall, definitely a game worth playing again.

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5 reasons to become a member of Playstation Plus.


For those of you that are or have been a playstation plus member, you will most likely know these things.

1. If you are a member, PS+ will offer you free titles. Not just indie or cheap games, I’m talking about major ones. For an example:
Bioshock Infinite, DMC: Devil May Cry, Payday 2, Borderlands 2, etc etc…

These are not trials or demos. These are full-fledged games that you can have forever, so long as you have plus.
Now if you were to not pay for plus anymore you will lose these games, avatars, demos, trials or add-content.
Although, if you decide on another day that you want it back then you will be able to access all that awesome stuff you downloaded. Just be careful because not all games stay free on plus forever so be cautious about what you buy. If you were to download it then it stays on your account even when they take it off the store.

th2. Some people might have a way of making money right now and that’s great, but when your 1 year playstation plus subscription expires you might not have that way of making money again.
So you will probably want to buy a couple or a few plus cards ahead of time. The cool part is that instead of waiting a year to redeem that second card when your subscription expires, just redeem all three cards and that stacks up so it adds up to 3 years. Unfortunately this does not work with free trials. So if you buy a year of plus and you have a 7 day free trial, do not add the year until 7 days because it won’t add up to a year & 7 days. It’s either/or.

3. It’s all the same. By that I mean that if you only pay 9.99 for the one month you will get the same privileges as the 49.99 membership. Unfortunately Microsoft doesn’t have the same program. On their service if you pay more you get more instead of just being smart and doing the same thing Sony does. I know that some people who read this might think I’m a fan boy but I’m not just because I prefer one product over the other, those are two completely different things. I don’t think Xbox Live is bad but it could be better and that’s not okay. I’m a gamer and I appreciate any person who’s interested in games not matter what console you are on.

4. Playstation Plus Carryover.
If you have one or more playstation devices (except for PS1 & PS2 obviously) your plus will carryover because you are signed into the same account.
This is actually my favorite thing about Plus. I love Sony and I’m definitely getting a PS4, which will be an upgrade from my PS3. Now I am not currently a member but I will be once I get my PS4. I would be able to get free plus content for my vita, PS3 and PS4 as long as my account is on the device.

5. Cloud Storage.
It’s exactly what it sounds like to the people who understand what a cloud is in the digital world.

It provides users with a 3GB online storage for PS4  and a 2GB online storage for PS vita and PS3 users that you can store all your game saves on. So if you lose your system in any situation all you have to do is sign into your account on your new device and go to cloud storage so you can copy it to the system. Now you can play with your skyrim character you had on your old console, unfortunately I was too late and now 3 years spent crafting one guy is gone. He was perfect.

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Classic Friday! ESPN Extreme Games (1995)

Hailed from the SONY flagship called the Playstation, the 90’s were so good to kids like me. A kid who was more used to games on cartridges and floppy disks rather than CDRoms. Music was played on CDs when they weren’t played on cassettes. I say all of this because I want you to know where my childhood understanding of all this new technology came from, I had no idea that the Playstation was for video games. Don’t give me that look, you’re either old enough to understand where I’m coming from or young enough to stare at me blankly with that how-could-you-not-this-technology-was-ever-present sorta look. No, it wasn’t. When I was a kid,  I literally got excited hearing my neighbors got the new Playstation because I thought it was a toy train station. Not excited when my parents bought the NES, not excited when my brother got a SNES with Rocko’s Modern Life or the Ren & Stimpy game, not terribly excited when my friends boasted about having a SEGA Genesis with all the amazing Sonic games I could drool over today. When I was a kid, I got breathlessly excited because I thought it was a electric train station. Oh, what simple times the 90’s were…

My childhood expectations, Minions. I present to you… SONY’s Play Station.

One of my earliest memories– once my hopes of ever having a scene from a very old movie replicated into my own childhood– was Playstation’s ESPN Extreme Games. This game has sports, a good selection of what means of EXTREME conveyance you wish to partake in, and best of all… Early 90’s Violence! You know what I mean, it was inescapable. Whichever platform you grew up with, you know for a fact that your favorite childhood game had many levels of violence in it. You all know exactly what I’m talking about. We’ll get back to that later! Extreme Games was like the Rollerball of sports related racing. You chose your profession EXTREME and you raced it all the way to the finish line, claiming countless lives in the meantime. Of course, because this game is “meant for kids”, no one actually gets hurt. You just get that abrupt stop, the flicker of temporary invincibility while your character recovers. Y’know, the usual stuff.

Like any other arcade racing game you could think back to but… with people on death-bikes, rollerblades, and a washboard someone fitted with wheels to ensure their horrific demise.

This game had just about everything that could keep a 7 year-old could want; Anarchy and everyone-for-themselves mindset where any misconduct goes and the maiming of your fellow competitors– Wait. Did Tonya Harding personally work on this project?? All these years…   I have some things to think about. While you find that very unlikely, deeply consider giving us a like and a follow if you enjoy our articles! We greatly appreciate your support, Minions! Until next time!

Behold! Spring Releases For 2014!

Welcome, Minions!

Here’s a treat for those of you who don’t already know but I have a bit of a show-and-tell today! A quick look list of games to come for 2014, straight from SONY! Although nearly all of their games non-exclusive– but let’s look beyond that for today!


First up! We have SPRING:

1001 Spikes, by publisher Nicalis

– Anomoly 2, by 11 Bit Studios

– Bound by Flame, by Focus Home

CastleStorm: Definitive Edition, by Zen Studios

Cel Damage HD, by Ubisoft

Child of Light, by Ubisoft

Daylight, by Atlus

Divekick: Addition Edition, by Iron Galaxy

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, by Square Enix

– Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition, by Drinkbox Studios

– KickBeat: Special Edition, by Zen Studios

– King Oddball, by 10tons Ltd.

– Lego: The Hobbit, by Warner Bros.

Mercenary Kings, by Tribute Games

MLB 14: The Show, by SCE

Octodad: Dadllest Catch, by Young Horses

Oddworld: New ‘N’ Tasty, by Oddworld Inhabitants

Pure Pool, by Ripstone LTD

R.B.I. Baseball 14, by MLB AM

Ready To Run, by Beatshapers

Secret Ponchos, by Switchblade Monkeys

Sportfriends, byt Die Gute Fabrik

Switch Galaxy Ultra, by Atomicon

The Amazing Spider-Man 2, by Activision

Strike Suit Zero, by Born Ready Games

–  The Swapper, by Curve Studios

Titan Attacks, by Curve Studios

War Thunder, by Gaijin Network

Watch_Dogs, by Ubisoft

Wolfenstein: The New Order, by Bethesda


Now let’s take a breath, take a moment before the– NEXT on the list! I will be back with the Summer update!

If you’re anticipating one or more of these games, write a comment below on which one and why! Give me a recommendation if you think it’s gonna be that good/bad.