Why I still Have Hope For a True Pokemon Game Coming To The Nintendo Switch

I’ve been incredibly disappointed these last few days since Nintendo announced that the only Pokemon game we’re getting on the Switch this year was released on the Wii U previously, but if we’re going by history then we could expect to see one of the core games on the Switch soon.  Continue reading “Why I still Have Hope For a True Pokemon Game Coming To The Nintendo Switch”


I Don’t Want A Open World Pokemon Game…

The only games I’ve been playing lately are different Pokemon games. Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon, Pokemon Moon, and Pokemon Omega Ruby have all been my go to games while I enjoy binge watching some new TV shows that I’ve gotten into. I’ve read a lot about how people want a full open world Pokemon game and I don’t. Here’s why… Continue reading “I Don’t Want A Open World Pokemon Game…”

My Nintendo Switch Game/Wish List

I preordered a Nintendo Switch last night before I went to bed and I came up with a list of games that I want for it and I included my wishlist for games that I hope come to the console.  Continue reading “My Nintendo Switch Game/Wish List”