Lets Talk About Skyrim!

It’s about time for me to start playing Skyrim again. I’ve been teasing myself by listening to the soundtrack and looking at some really cool mods that I want to download.  Continue reading “Lets Talk About Skyrim!”


Skyrim Special Edition Screenshots

Me getting back into Skyrim will surprise no one that’s a regular reader of mine. Here are some nice screenshots of my game.  Continue reading “Skyrim Special Edition Screenshots”

Skyrim Screenshots

This month was my Skyrim month. I wanted to hit my backlog, but I also wanted to give Skyrim Special Edition a fair chance so I decided to boot it up and try it. 70 hours later I’m still playing it…  Continue reading “Skyrim Screenshots”

Watch My Daughter and I Play Some Skyrim Special Edition

It was really early in the morning and no one was up so we decided to play some Skyrim before breakfast :).  Continue reading “Watch My Daughter and I Play Some Skyrim Special Edition”

Skyrim Special Edition Doesn’t Feel So Special To Me

Skyrim Special Edition is here and it’s the same ole Skyrim with a facelift. Continue reading “Skyrim Special Edition Doesn’t Feel So Special To Me”