Teddy Bridgewater Goes To The Vikings, And Johnny Manziel Goes To The Browns

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Johnny ManzielJohnny Manziel has just been drafted to the Cleveland Browns. This came as a shock to almost everyone, but honestly I saw this coming. Cleveland needs a QB and while I’m not impressed with Manziel I think in time he can grow into a good QB. So far all I’ve seen from the guy is him running for his life whenever he thinks the pocket is breaking down on him even though half the time it isn’t. If he learns to calm down and not be so quick to try and break a run than I can see him being a great QB one day.

I like to categorize QB’s like this as the “Micheal Vick Effect”. The Micheal Vick Effect is when a QB would rather run down the field like a running back instead of reading their options and going for the big plays down the field. They might have one or two really good seasons, but the majority of the time they’re hit or miss. That’s my assessment of Manziel right now until he can prove me wrong.

Teddy BridgewaterTeddy Bridgewater is now the QB for the Minnesota Vikings. This is great news for this team because they really, really needed a QB. Teddy Bridgewater is a great QB. I love the way he controls the pocket with his players and offensive line around him. This is one tough dude too. He’s played banged up many times and has always come out on top. He’s always looking down the field, but is quick enough to avoid tackles and extend the play. I’m not saying Manziel can’t do this, but he’s just too quick to run away and doesn’t have the awareness that Bridgewater has in the pocket.

Teddy Bridgewater has very good accuracy and he’s thrown way more touchdowns than interceptions and that’s what you need to look at in a QB. I don’t care how fast you are if you can’t throw the football at the QB position than you’re not a true QB. I think both Manziel and Bridgewater have very bright futures, but I like Bridgewater a lot more than I do Manziel because I feel like he is the more complete QB.

The only problem that the Vikings might have with Bridgewater is keeping him healthy. There were even some reports about him having heart issues, but The Vikings as well as Bridgewater himself have said that he is fine. They have done extensive test on his heart that has put those claims to rest. Can he stay injury free though? Lets hope so.

Next year will be very interesting for both the Cleveland Browns and Minnesota Vikings. If Bridgewater can take some pressure off of Adrian Peterson than he’s doing his job in my book because AP will destroy any defense that gets in his way.

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